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My 2K18 Knicks world

Yeah, its 2k18 I Know, not even the new game. Sue me.

So I went back in time.

Playing NBA 2K18 I joined the New York Knicks and made some moves to improve my team and redo the draft of 2017.

After trading multiple picks including my 2018 first rounder to the Lakers for their pick. I had two of the top 8 picks. So what do I do with those picks?

Round one, pick 5: SF Jayson Tatum.... Yes I brought in a Boston Celtic as my first rounder, my future, and the start of my Foundation. The man that will take Melos spot on the team.

Round one, pick 8: North Carolina States own Dennis Smith Jr., my future starting Point guard was sitting right there, waiting to be plucked and given a shot at being a star. (Instead of Frank Ntilikina, Thanks Phil)

As of right now my starting five is: C Hernangomez PF KP SF Melo SG Tatum PG Smith Jr

And I'm fine with it. With backups like Nowitzki who was easily attained in free agency and cheap I may add. Rondo, a pain in the ass defensive player to pump up the troops from the bench, and a trade that involved Noah, who had a crazy contract (Thanks Phil Jackson) who I traded to The Lakers! Because...they're dumb, which gave me a ton of free space for next year.

This is the team I'm building, a fantasy that will never happen, but in my game world it is so I'll be happy with it.

Although I'm only 12-9 on the season, losing several close games to top teams, my Point guard Dennis Smith Jr is playing like a MVP, averaging close to thirty points a game and ten assists per game. I'll take it.

Tatum is playing good defense but hes only averaging twelve points a game, but I guess that's what happens when you have ball hog Carmelo Anthony in the lineup.

Speaking of Anthony, I tried trading him. No one wants him. Not to mention he wont waive his no trade clause... wtf.

So here I am in the midst of New York Knicks gaming basketball, basking in the glory of winning at Madison Square Garden, dreaming of this imaginary team working together in real life, winning, and making us fans happy.

I'm aiming to rebuild, retool, and work the cap like no other GM before, to restore balance and order to this NBA. To make New York dominant again. To make the rest of the NBA have to go through NY to get anywhere. And to ultimately make Lebron James life with the Cavs, a living hell. (Hes still on the Cavs...poor James)

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