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Mutant Mayhem! Trailer time!

Updated: Jun 25

Guess whose back? Back again. Turtles are back. Tell a friend! That's right the Ninja turtles come back to action August 2nd in the theaters as a new look Ninja Turtles team is thrown at us once again, except this time they are sticking to the teenage aspect of it. The whole growing up story will be a major part of this young team as they try to figure out who they are and what they will become. Bottom line they're just kids. Ninja kids.

So am I excited? Somewhat. I love TMNT, but I'm not fully invested in the current animation, but it'll grow on me. The trailer looks fun but again I need to get used to the voice actors yet again. The action was fast paced and it seemed like a new big baddie will be running things in this movie as Shredder isn't a thing yet. I'm assuming we are getting several mutants in this film as the toys that are coming out soon show several villains that they will face off against.

I'm assuming Bebop and Rocksteady will play a part in the plans of the big villain which might be a brand new character called Superfly, along with others that will do the bidding of this super mutant. Leatherhead will be another lackey of Superfly. Side note, I don't like the Leatherhead depicted in this film, just a FYI, the 2012 series version is the best, anyhow, this mutant team of vigilantes, villains, and mutants just trying to belong most likely, they will join Superfly on his path to fight the Turtles.

The trailer is pretty sick to be honest. I'm going to give this one a shot just like I do all the Ninja Turtle films. Here's the trailer down below.

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