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Mutant Mania!

Yes those damn toy makers are driving me crazy as they just shell out toy after toy for everything I love, and the Ninja Turtles has done it again. I would actually pick these up soon before they get nabbed and thrown on the Ebays and Amazons of the world, because I believe the movie will be good and with that the kids will want the toys. Head on to Walmart and grab some of these before its too late!

The toys are actually aren't that bad looking, more specifically the fearsome foursome. I actually like the molds they used for these Ninjas. As you see below they aren't too bad, I actually was a little surprised at how good they look. Each come with their weapons and a baby version of themselves which is pretty much adorable. They are made pretty well so the kids can definitely fight off some bad guys and not fall apart like some other versions that were made. It's worth the ten bucks to pick each up from Walmart or just go the online route and just buy all four together!

The packaging is actually really sweet as well, as mine will most likely stay within that for the time being. I actually love the design now that I'm looking at it again.

There are several versions and combinations of the entire roster of the movie Mutant Mayhem, which again, sucks if you're a collector or a fan of TMNT because of the money aspect, but its awesome to have a variation on certain characters. The Bigger versions of these guys are probably closer to $20 and the doubles, which I like, come with one Turtle and one of their enemies from the movie, those are around $20 as well.

They also have versions of the Turtles in several stages of their lives which is awesome. I actually haven't seen them at the stores yet, but I'm going to assume that it'll cost around $20/25 range. But again, the packaging is great and this version is cute as hell.

The bad guys! Who doesn't like Rocksteady and Bebop?! I sure do. I like Bebops design more than Rocksteady, but both are decently made and for ten dollars a pop, how can you go wrong getting two of the Ninja Turtles big time pain in the ass enemies? Obviously you can't go wrong. Leatherhead on the other hand, I'm not sold on that design, maybe it's because I love the 2012's version of Leatherhead or IDW's version, so I'm just not sold on him. Again the packaging looks great and it's definitely not bad for the ten dollar range.

Some more amazing stuff to throw at you from Mutant Mania, is the cycles! Who doesn't want Ninja Turtles riding cycles at their enemies? All four come with their own battle cycles and costs around 30 bucks. The Turtle van also costs around 30 or so dollars and looks pretty sick. The Turtles Play-set is expensive and will probably sell out quickly, but it's not coming out until late fall of this year, that will cost around 100 bucks, but it looks dope, and looks like it has plenty of things to use within the set. You can pre-order the Sewer set now I believe, it's definitely worthy of a great Christmas present that will be used for years to come.

There's also a four pack that costs 30 bucks which is well worth it for the four turtles if you ask me, the pack comes with the four in disguises which makes me remember of all the variations the turtles used to come out with and each one I just had to have. It's cute.

You can also hit up Target and grab the six pack that features all the turtles, Bebop, and April for a decent price of $54.99, which if you do the math that like 9 dollars per figure which smells like a good deal to me. Like I said they went a little nuts with all the toys, I think they believe this movie will be a hit and that will equal huge toys sales, which it very well might.

Superfly, who is voiced by Ice Cube in the film that comes out in a few short weeks looks pretty sick. Again, I love the packaging, from the color scheme, to the labeling, to the way the figures look. They did a great job with these toys.

I actually love how they also have the TMNT included in the Akedo fighting game, now you can pick up the two packs and wage battles against other mutants or the huge roster of Akedo warriors to see who will become Champion. It's a fun two player game, I definitely recommend getting it, and it's pretty cheap. I think I picked up a set for under ten bucks.

They also have skateboard versions of each character, because what would Ninja Turtles be without skateboards! And for a cheap price of $22 bucks you can grab your copy of Monopoly! Do it! If you love Monopoly or collecting games, this is the time.

All in all I love the wave of Ninja Turtle merchandise coming out. They went a little crazy with it all, but I'm not complaining. So here's to me hoping more and more Turtles toys come out within the next few months. I feel my wallet getting thinner and thinner as I think about it all.

So what do you think? Are you ready for Turtle Mania again? What's your favorite toy shown? Are you going to pick up some of these or maybe you have already, let me know down in the comments or show some pictures of your radical purchases!

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