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Mugen: Father vs Son

Mugen is a 2d fighting game with its content mostly from the gaming community. Thousands of characters with their own powers and fight styles ready to be used to in order to see who is best. So we picked random characters that would fight each other in combat for our amusement, almost like Hunger Games.

So we basically made heroes and villains fight each other to entertain ourselves and I'm not even bothered by that fact. So we had a two real rounds of 4 on 4 matches where we chose our people and then gave our lineup to the ring master who controls the event, so neither of us knows which fighter is going first, so there is some real strategies to work with.

We also didn't want any super powered beings, people who were impossible to best, well in the second, cause the first I used one, it didn't help me.

Here is the first video of our first match where Spawn (my team) starts off against Final Dio from Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure.

The match lasted about seven minutes and showed Shadow the Hedgehog was pretty legit, but Vegeta basically hammered my entire team, he even made my last line of defense, Superman, look like a jobber. I think Superman got one offensive move in, the rest of the time he played defense. So the first battle went to my son, with a win, a win that didn't even require his best guy Sonic the Hedgehog to be used. Sonic watched as Vegeta slowly and steadily blew up my team easily.

The next match was just a brutal beat down of epic proportions, as My guy named Gon, from Hunter X Hunter, just absolutely destroyed the entire team that had Zenitsu (Demon Slayer) , Katakuri (One Piece), Diego (Jo Jo Bizarre Adventure) and Gohan (DBZ).

Gon took out everyone, with some matches being better than others. I only lost Naruto out of my team, Darth Maul and Venom never got to be used, but I'm ok with that, I'll take the W.

All in all it's a fun little game that pits fighter against each other that you'd never see and it's made by a community of gamers so literally anyone can be used. Not only that, but the have amazing music and locations to fight, I'm new to it, but I already love it.

That match is here

Enjoy! We probably doing a 8 man tournament, single elimination, with four warriors fighting it out for each person to see who is left as the best!

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