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Movies I want made

These are just a handful of movies I want made that popped in my head today. So let's go to the quick list.

1. Predator....vs GI Joe

I know what you're thinking, "That doesn't make any sense", and I'm here to tell you, "Yes...Yes it does."

This wouldn't be Canon at all and would be an animated movie crossover which pits a GI Joe team against the Predator and it would be extremely easy to write a story to bring those two worlds together.

Cobra is always hiding in jungles and other areas where normal people fail to venture into. The Joe team is always trying to locate Cobras base, now imagine they send a team in to finally take them down but this time all they find dead Cobra troopers....yeah, it'll be dark as hell, but that's what we need, a dark Joe animated movie, or more like what I need. I want to see Sgt Slaughter and his Marauders take down a Predator. Yes, I want my favorite character, Falcon, to solidify that he's one of the best in the unit, because he didn't do shit after 1987s GI Joe the movie....

Who doesn't want to see guys like Snake Eyes trying to take down the Predator in hand to hand combat? I sure do. Give me an hour and twenty minutes of Joe's being all cocky and shit until they realize they're in deep trouble and are in survival mode.

2. Death in the Jungle

Predator....yes...I'm on a Predator kick. I want a world War 2 movie where we get some random title where we believe it's just another war movie or another monster movie, but little by little clues are given to what the movie really is, it's a fucking Predator movie!

A movie about the Japanese and American forces are decimated and are in a weird predicament where they need to join forces to survive the island. The fact that their being hunted is just the tip of the iceberg, because can these people come together after fighting intensely against each other? Can they trust each other? I want a World war 2 Predator movie where we show that in order to survive, they need to come together as humans.

3. American Ninja Reboot

You're God damn right, I said it, it's been over twenty years, it's time to bring it back. Not only bring the movie series back, but put Michael Dudikoff back as the master, where his student or students are now taking over the reigns of stopping evil ninjas.

Don't care about the plot, just that American Ninjas fight other evil ninjas.

4. Dino-riders

Jurassic World touched on weaponizing cloned dinosaurs, why not say fuck it and go for the hail Mary and bring aliens into the mix? Dinosaurs with missiles and lasers being shot about taking out humans and aliens alike, sounds like a good time. I'd enjoy that, live action or a feature length animated movie, just do it baby!

Give me aliens riding the T-Rex firing lasers!!

5. Starcraft.... has this not been an idea to make into a trilogy of films? Even for Netflix or Hulu, or whoever, because there is so much material of both political and action that it would make a great war action movie depending on the CGI that we get from it. I guess it was due to Warcraft not doing to well over in the States, but I believe it did well overseas, still waiting on that sequel as well.

6. DBZ Super: Broly 2

God damnit I just want to see a trained Broly beat the piss out of a scared Jiren and or any of the other big characters from other universes.

I just want to see their fear as Broly doesn't stop and how he just keeps coming like some sort of horror character, and the power levels just keep rising as they beat him back. Just sixty minutes of mind numbing Dragon Ball Super styled fights where Broly just dispatches everyone until he's calmed down by Goku and Vegeta.

Well that's all I have for now, movies that would put a smile on my face, but might not do well in making money.

In any event let me know what you think, or maybe there's something you wish could be made, let me know in the comments below!

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