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Mouse Hockey

My mind and body felt exhausted, I walked in an almost dream state with one goal in mind: To shower.

The night was late and as I walked along on my lonely road called the kitchen, the cat, a enemy of mine, interrupted my path to cleanliness.

"Meow", he silently said while brushing against my leg and quickly running to the garbage can.

"What?", I said as I followed him I saw him scratch at the garbage can and I'm thinking, "This cat is fucking talking to me!"

I move the garbage can after another Meow, a Meow that basically said, "English Mother fucker, do you speak it?!"

What do you know, but the cat was showing me that an assassin mouse was hidden awaiting for a chance to strike me down. The cat quickly struck and smacked it in the face, I knew I had to decide right here and now how this would work out for all of us. Do I allow the mouse to be murdered? Do I turn a blind eye to the murderous appetite of this cat, who is now my friend? No. I can't. Not on my watch.

The cat stops the mouse from escaping by hitting it and keeping it in play and with quick thinking I grabbed the broom that was within five feet of me.

What happened next was something I didn't think was real. We passed the mouse back and forth, from broom to paw hit several times until I got it to the door and slap shot the little guy to Freedom. Hopefully he goes and tells any other mouse that a crazy man with a broom and a cat that speaks to humans lives there.

I gave the cat a little nod and he followed me into the bedroom where he Began some weird ass ritual where he rubbed his body up and down the floor while purring most likely whispering "who's a good boy!? Me! That's who!"

The cat and I have an uneasy alliance at the moment. Right now, we have our successful squashing of the mouse Rebellion, but what tomorrow brings is anyone's guess.

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