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Mortal Kombat!

Updated: May 11, 2021

The video game adaptation of Mortal Kombat is out and about on HBO Max and it pretty much hits the mark of what I expected and then some. Even though much of the characters seem extremely generic to where you really dont give a shit about them, with that said the Scorpion Subzero storyline pretty much made this movie, well, that and Kano.

Kano stole the show in this film with his 'Doesnt give a shit attitude' and his comebacks, most of which had me laughing throughout the movie.

Even some of the far fetched stuff that happens in the video game I kinda just brushed off and said, "Fuck it, its based off the game".

It was gory, fun, easy to follow, and most the fights were legit bad ass. With that said, half the characters were killed off, and it wasnt even the tournament, it was a preemptive attack on Earths warriors before the tournament from Shang Tsung, which I respect. I would of did the same thing with nine victories and one to go in the tournament.

My problem with some characters were that they were to generic, I understand that there is so many characters you cant just develop each and every one, I get that, but I was left unimpressed with Liu Kang and Kung Lao characters, even the main character who we follow, the descendant of Scorpion himself, was boring.

If you didnt know about the Mortal Kombat characters before the movie, you might be confused on who is who and what is what, cause they kinda just throw the fighters at you, including the main character.

Half the characters die in this movie, I mean I'm sure they return in some capacity because they were heavy hitters of the Mortal kombat roster with big time arcs within that universe and I cant imagine them just tossing these characters away like a shit filled diaper this quickly. Some of the stronger guys were turned into legitimate jobbers which surprised me.

I'm nitpicking at this point. Bottom line, the movie was fun, had a lot of good going for it and I'm ready for the sequel when it comes.

The movie gets a 3.7 out of 5 fatalities from me.

MVP: Kano. The dude makes this movie fun and you hope you just follow him around instead of the main character.

Best Fight: Scorpion vs Subzero....just make a solo film that brings these characters together for the entirety, one endless film of battling.

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