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Mile 22

Mark Wahlberg, Lauren Cohan, Ronda Rousey, nor John Malkovich could save this movie from falling on its face.

The paramilitary group called overwatch is the governments secret force to deal with extreme situations that no other group can deal with, in comes an intelligence agent that's in custody as Iko Uwais plays Li Noor, the cop agent that has information on several places that have weapons of mass destruction.

The plot is simple throughout the movie, Overwatch keeps the intelligence agent safe, they are attacked, they play keep away, several agents fall in the process and all the while the enemy keeps finding where they are.

As the action is happening in front of us, Mark Wahlbergs character is being interviewed about the situation that occurred. So right off the bat we know he survives. I think actually liked his character, he was like his character in The Departed except way more of a douche, and sort of bipolar.

You get Lauren Cohens character with some side issues about her daughter and ex husband, where she doesnt spend a lot of time with her kid, and her husband is using some app that he can monitor texts, calls, and facetime in case she loses her shit so he can use it against her in a court of law. Dickbag.

Some of the fight scenes near the end went to fast with Iko Uwais, it was blurry and the camera angles made me want to put my hand in a blender. I liked his character though. I paid attention to several things he did during the movie and just couldnt figure out certain things he did until the end.

The end showed that he was a triple agent. During the whole process of having Li Noor, they hacked into the system, to find exactly where the team was. He gave the team the number to unlock a code to tell them where the weapons were, then adios, he gets asylum in America. Hes on board the plane with Lauren Cohen when the radio goes crazy with chatter of betrayal. To late. They find out just in time that it's the Russians and that a person they killed in the opening scene has a powerful mother and put this whole thing together. A plan to take out the team. To kill every last mother fucker that had anything to do with his murder.

Jokes on them tho, Mark Wahlberg killed the prick and he got away. They dont talk about what happened to Maggie, I mean Cohen tho, which is weird.

Then they teased a sequel with Mark Wahlberg going after Li Noor. That's where I say no! Just stop. End it here and now and dont put me through this again.

I didnt hate the movie but I'm giving it a 2.7 out of 5 Marky Mark chest bumps. It wasnt terrible, but it wasnt great either.

MVP: Mark Wahlbergs James Silva. Of course, this was an easy choice. He had more screen time and had better banter between characters.

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(The ending makes me want to scream and throw golf clubs at moving cars. )

(A for effort tho. Good try. I'm clapping on the inside. Average movie that can cure a hangover. Mark Wahlberg is a vampire.)

I dont hate the movie, but I will say i want to punch myself in the eye for watching it. Is that wrong?

Rent > Buy

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