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Matrix Resurrections

I wasn't a huge fan like most people, but I did enjoy the few hours to sit back and enjoy a fun movie. Although the trilogy isn't my favorite of all time, I was curious on thus upcoming film. I was intrigued when I saw the trailer and kinda wondering how they'd pull this movie off, especially with not much of the returning cast returning. Would that have consequences telling the story? My biggest fear was that the movie would just feed on Nostalgia and that's it, but I was wrong.

The movie has the perfect balance of Nostalgia and new points of story to make it a good movie. Sure, this is one movie out of three and they pull in as much information as possible to throw the first trilogy at you that you're worried that it's just that, just pure Nostalgia, but it's balanced.

The story is based on Neo, Mr. Anderson, who is now stuck in a new world where he believes the first three movies didn't exist, in this world he's a big time game designer who created the Matrix game. Hes a man with mental issues and is kept in check by medication and assurances from his Dr that anything weird that happens, any memory of things like the Matrix is just part of stress and the manifestation of that stress is making him believe he's seeing things.

The plot is pretty decent and its basically told in the title what the movie is about. It's about Resurrection, you can kind of figure it out. What you don't know is that the world is different, that Neo's sacrifice isn't in vain. Things do change.

It's also a story of love. A story of two people so in love that they can change a world. A story that brings the quote from Last of the Mohicans when Natty screams to Cora, "I will find you," when he needed to escape capture, knowing full well he would return quickly and rescue her. That's the feeling I got. What's awesome about the new management of the Matrix is not only are they strong, but smart, they figured out how to make the Matrix better and stronger and it has everything to do with Neo and Trinity.

The fight scenes are done decent enough, although the cameras panning back and forth quickly is annoying, but maybe that's how the first three movies were, I can't remember, maybe I should rematch them again. The new characters are fresh and new enough, but do I care what happens to them? Eh. Not so much. The best part of the movie is Neo trying to figure out life, love, and if he's crazy or not. His fight for mental stability is key to this film and I love how he just can't grasp that certain things he's seeing is real.

The movie is a run ride that makes you want to watch the trilogy again, I think fans of the series will love this movie. As for a rating, I'll give it a 4.1 out of 5. I enjoyed it, I may watch it again. I'm also curious on where they go for the next movies.

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