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Madden: Jets

So it continues, like a bad dream, I'm in charge of the Jets to somehow win games. Franchise mode, slowly drags me in while putting it's cold wet hands on my mouth, further and further down the hole I go. Why am I Jets!? I scream this to anyone who will listen and I get no response, not even from the rock I usually talk to. Nothing. Silence.

Ok. So here we go again, I'm one and four, like I stated before. And in comes the Pittsburgh Steelers, looking to dry hump the Jets into submission like a dog in heat. Blood in the water? They smelled something alright, a pissed off Jets team. Being up eighteen points with five minutes to go against the Stupid ass Patriots will do that to you. Dont worry, one of our guys flattened the Pat's teams bus tires, it's all good. At least that's what happened in my head and because I dont know who did it, I cant punish them.

Totally different game. My defense finally stepped up and wasn't kicked in the face while thanking them, it bogged down and played some tough, rough, physical football. They played MAN football. Dirty, sweaty, bleeding like Blain in Predator dont have time to bleed football. That kind.

My defense still has issues getting to the quarterback, have no idea why, they just patty cake with the offensive linemen like they are kids on a playground, laughing and having a ball. Meanwhile I want to throw Chinese stars at my players.

Avery Middle linebacker. A fantastic beast of a specimen who was born on a majestic island and drafted after Zues deemed this Titan worthy to dwell among humans. Number 54 held that turncoat Bell to a measly 40 yards for the game. His instincts and leadership ability pushed this teams buttons in the right ways. His interception of Big Ben came at a great time and changed momentum, sending the Steelers into panic mode.

My rookie linebacker Josh Allen...FROM!? Kentucky! Although my stud backer didnt make any stat grabbing plays, his ability to push bell into traffic and drop back from pass rushing helped us big time.

Sam Darnold. You fancy ass son of a bitch! The more hes on the field, the more I love this guy. Him and Robbie Anderson made a mockery of the Steelers corners. I was wondering if they even had defensive backs at one point after Anderson went off for 9 catches for 163 yards and 3 TDs.

It helps that your rookie running back, who I actually traded back up into the first round for in the draft did something. Hes been very average within the first month and a half, but he played well knocking off 117 yards rushing on 18 Carries along with another 60 recieving. Good man.

Well we won 37 to 14....I'm happy. The fans are happy. And we go into the bye week with smiles on our faces, for now anyway. I cant wait to move to Brooklyn and get away from MetLife stadium.

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