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Madden 23

EA and Madden are the equivalent of Darth Sidious and Darth Maul, conspiring in the darkness to keep power for themselves while dooming the rest of the universe. I can even hear the maniacal laughing in the shadows as EA bathes in money while shouting, "They'll never stop us!"


Madden has been the cornerstone of NFL football games for what seems forever and EA owns all those rights to our pain and suffering. It's a slight exaggeration from my standpoint, maybe. What I do know is they half ass this game and have done so since they joined the empire known as the NFL and attacked all other companies that created NFL games with the Deathstar, utterly decimating any rebel resistance. Even now, hope dissipates into thin air as any Rebel units that have thrown their lot in to make something decent had been destroyed.


Ok, back to Madden. Madden is Like that person you work with who just likes to do everything half assed but somehow gets away with it. We just accept that this is the way it is and with no competition for Madden there really is no hope of getting top notch greatness for the game.

You look at what NCAA 14 was like and how the 2k games were, it doesn't make sense on how long ago those games were that they can't take from what they learned and install it into the newer games. At this point it's just graphic boosts, roster upgrades, and they throw most of their time into the Ultimate mode so they can gather even more resources via micro transactions.


Franchise? It's like they put sprinkles on pieces of shit and hand it to us. They barely touch it. Another thing they do is take out from what works from other Maddens then hand it back to us years later saying, "Look at the new stuff in this year's game! Isn't it amazing!?" No, not it isn't you ass hats.

Franchise should be the key component to this game, they should push more resources towards it and make a better product instead of copy and passing, slightly tinkering with it and then throwing it at us with smears of half eaten shit.


EA and the NFL are billion dollar companies that just don't give a fuck unless it has something to do with swimming in more money. The best thing the NFL can do is provide the license to other gaming companies that can create a more competitive atmosphere for EA and maybe, just maybe, EA would step up and give us a game that people deserve.

Ok, so after my negative rant, what is actually decent to this piece of cow ass that was created by walking talking dildos that resides in the depths of hell? What did they actually do? This game is better than 22, but as repetitive as ever.


Franchise: Every year for like 15 fucking years everyone writes the same thing, even youtubers who play the game say it, "It's a step in the right direction." Get the fuck out of here. Yeah, we are taking baby steps in the right direction I guess if that's how you want to look at it. Maybe, just maybe we'll get a flawless fan serviced game that comes out in the year 2133 when hell freezes over and Jesus Flys down on a God damn dragon to go streaking on Superbowl Sunday with Santa Claus.

So what's better?

Free agency. Having the desperation of only a few chances to nab a top free agent is life like and a welcome change. The players also have personalities and depending on their own needs that changes on what team they'd like to play for. I like the change because it creates better storylines and puts pressure on you to make better calls during this time.

I also like how players have those motivations to join teams, whether it be to be with a good organization, money, playing with a great coach, or playing with a Superbowl contending QB, all of this makes sense. The players signing wanting to start is also awesome. Being a vet who will only sign if he's guaranteed a starting job is cool, I actually love that, it also helps the younger players on the roster which It definitely should.


So they did a handful of things that change franchise for the better but not nearly as much as they should of, but "We're taking baby steps in the right direction."

I do like the scheme fit, which means total overall for a great player means nothing if the scheme doesn't work, sure he'll be a good player still, but his overall potential is wasted.

So they played around and got some ok changes for franchise, including trade logic which is needed. Also draft logic is upgraded, no longer will a team draft a QB high when they already have on they drafted, they'll wait on that and try to build around that QB until he shows he is not the right Franchise QB and they go in another direction, that makes perfect sense. Several teams would have a starting QB and draft one in the top 5 to 10 anyway, which was annoying and dumb, that never made sense.


All in all $60 for a game that's half assed is really annoying, yet most people just throw the money into the wind to buy this waste of space, but more power to you if you have money to waste. I really hope you like this game, I do, but it seems like it's more about the online micro transactions than franchise yet again.

I know, I know, "Didn't you buy this hunk of pissed filled monkey shit?" Yes, I did it for you. I'm basically the Madden Paul Revere running down the streets yelling, "Madden is coming! It sucks! Madden is coming! It's sucks!"


In any event, I really hope you like it, even thought I give it a 70 out of 100 and even that might be to high of a score. I'll enjoy some of the new changes and play my franchise mode and rebuild the Giants, maybe join another crappy team to rebuild in order to win a superbowl trophy. I'll attempt to enjoy my time playing , that's all I can do with this roster updated game.

Is Madden worth it or is it monkey shit?

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  • 0%Its Monkey shit

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