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Life of Chesme

While I have many hobbies and interests, have I told you how much I love FFXIV? I’ve always been a fan of the Final Fantasy series itself, but FFXIV is the fanboy/girl’s dream come true--a conglomeration of FF tropes, themes, heroes, villains, summons, and so much more. When I’m not working or writing, I’m playing FFXIV. I’ve developed an interest lately in writing the life of my character--call it a biographical fanfiction of sorts. This character intro is recycled, but I'm opening the door to more of Chesme's adventures by sharing this. I will let her tell you about herself in her own words.


Greetings, my name is Chesme Ephemera, but you may call me Ches. You would not guess that I am a Roegadyn by my moniker, as I’m not called something along the lines of Caerwyda or Wicked Blossom. The only thing I know of my lineage is that I descend from the industrious and vigilant Sea Wolves. That tidbit was revealed to me by the refuge for homeless children in Crescent Cove, a small settlement in Thanalan, where I had washed ashore as a foundling swaddled in a scrap of Roegadyn fishing smock. Likely the result of warring pirates clashing for territory and loot. Perhaps one day I may come to know my people, but the orphanage in Crescent Cove did right by me. They gave me a home with the other nippers who had no kin, fed me, clothed me, taught me to fish (an activity at which I was a natural, by the way). They let me choose my own name once I was old enough to fathom an identity, so I evolved from “Youngster” and “Fry” to Chesme. My new name was derived from the combination of a wandering minstrel that would sometimes venture through our small hamlet–her name was Chessile Lute, and by the Twelve I was in love with her melodies–and an old name engraved on a tombstone just outside the village.

I met my sister at that orphanage. Darkmoon was not blood, but she may as well have been. A tiny Au’Ra with a dark complexion, she often found it comical to blend into my ever-growing shadow. Even as a youngling I towered over most adults. Dark and I had many exploits together, skipping rocks at the beach; flicking the ear of a sleeping mongrel and fleeing, laughing like mad as it snarled awake; constructing rafts to take out onto the Rhotano Sea. Grand times as an adolescent. As we grew older, reaching an age where it was time to make our way into Eorzea, we made a pact to always stick together. We formed the Ephemera clan. At a later point, I would meet my husband Drayke who would also take on the Ephemera clan name.

What ultimately led to my decision to leave Crescent Cove was a wondrous incident. I was beckoned by the Aether, by Hydalen. I didn’t understand it at the time, was confused by the voice I kept hearing in my head and in my soul. But I concluded that Ul’dah was the place to get answers. I packed up my few belongings, promised the village elders I would send them a Moogle once I reached the prosperous city-state, and used what little gil I’d saved up to pay my passage there. I won’t express how truly my eyes were dazzled upon entering Ul’dah. Coming from a coastal shanty town to the lavish be-cobbled city with its many affluent denizens was enough to make my head spin. I knew I had to support myself in order to get answers, thus began my career as a pugilist’s apprentice.

Since that point I have engaged in many vocations, learned many skills. I am well-traveled in Eorzea and have myriad allies. A scallywag in the city-state Limsa Lominsa named Jacke changed my life, however, by paving my way to the path of the Shinobi. To this day I carry out quests and pick up mercenary work as a Ninja. I have to keep my blades honed and my focus sharp at all times. I lead a small Free Company by the name of Midgar Mafia, named after an ale-induced dream I had following a wild night at Gridanian tavern. I still firmly believe the Elezen, who are natural botanists and so attuned to nature’s bounty, brew their ale with more than the standard ingredients, if you know what I mean. My free company is my second family, outside of my clan. They are a rowdy and raucous bunch, but when I see them I know I am home. Our free company mansion in the Lavender Beds just underwent construction, and we in the Company of an architectural mind worked hard together to redesign our home. I think it looks nothing short of fantastic, and the smell of freshly cut lumber lingers in the air still. When I am not away questing, I make a secondary living as a carpenter. Lumber is where the gil is right now, a steady income in a tumultuous market.

I have given you enough of my history, though. Just a few more things about myself and you can carry on with your day. Fashion is my guilty pleasure...I keep Jandelaine, Limsa’s renowned aesthetician, on linkpearl, and much of my gil is set aside in a glamour fund. I may or may not have picked up a few quests leading to certain prominent towns just for the exhibitional debut of up-and-coming tailors. I fish, of course, and pursue my several minor side businesses. I enjoy hosting events for my Company--we are all very busy these days, so we make the most of our time off from our vocations. I think that is enough about me for one day, even though my adventures in Eorzea are unnumbered. Come ‘round for tea sometime, and we can discuss more, then. I bid you farewell for now.


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