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Let's go Knicks

The Knicks and Celtics play a classic opening day game at Madison Square Garden last night that went to double over time in an amazing New York win to begin the season.

The crowd was wild the entire night as the Knicks fought back and forth with the Boston Celtics, with both teams refusing to quit, the game went into two over times in which the Knicks some how pulled it out.

Julius Randle looked great once again, Evan Fournier looked like the best free agent pick up in the NBA in the first game, and Barrett looked like a stud at times, especially defensively.

This team might have the pieces to push a little further into the playoffs, but I'm not sure I'm just saying that because I'm excited after their first big win. Im extremely high on this team, but I have jumped the gun on how good the team can be, I did it with the Yankees, and I did it with the Giants, I refuse to get so amped up that I'm pissed off when they lose, not this time.

Yes, it's only one game, we'll get more of a bigger picture of things when they play the Orlando Magic, but I'm happy the way things are looking.