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Land of La La: The Giant Gate

For my dear growing boy, who is growing up faster than I'd like.

Chapter 3

The Gate Giant

The Wolves sprinted ahead while Tristan, a magic wielding Octopus and John, a Tyrannosaurus Rex tried to keep up on this moon lit night.

"We're close now! The town is over this hill," the lead wolf yelled. "Take it slow...we don't know what awaits us."

The wolves began to move more cautiously as the small group made its way out of Antler Woods. They approached the top of the hill and looked down at the town.

The town was surrounded by a large fencing, maybe ten feet tall, but could that stop a T-Rex? I don't think so. There was a large gate in the center of the brown fencing, with two towers holding the gates closed. It didn't seem to have any guards. Just one large rock on the outside of the fence.

"We move quietly. We don't know what's down there or what's inside," Tristan said as he looked down at the giant town which was barely lit. "We need a plan."

As they all stood looking down, the black striped Wolf, the father of Kayla growled before saying, "We don't have time for this!," before howling at the moon and sprinting towards the gate, followed by the other eleven wolves, kicking grass up after every step. The black striped Wolf, the father, lost his cool after seeing the town, all he could think of was his daughter now.

Tristan and John had no choice now, they needed to keep up with their little unit to save the wolf named Kayla, the daughter of the pack leader.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! The crashing Footsteps of the T Rex could probably be heard throughout the town, followed by a mighty roar.

"Rawr!!!!," John screamed as he ran as fast as he could towards the gate that seemed to be open.

As they got closer, not only did the gates close, but the harmless giant rock pushed up against the giant fence began to move.

The Rock stood up, standing close to the same size as John at 20 feet! That jumbled up mess of rock became a huge monster with yellow eyes, much like the Witch they met hours before.

The giant rock monster swiped at the oncoming wolves as they tried to jump at him, knocking them about to the sounds of little yelps.

"None..shall...Pass," said the monster rock in a deep loud slow voice as he swung about on the unwanted visitors.

As the wolves had trouble, they began just evading the blows of the Rock giant, John screamed a mighty roar before slamming right into the giant Rock monster, trying to bite him and toss him to the ground, but the rock monster punched John and stunned him, but before he could hit John again, Tristan leapt at the Rock giant and started swinging his tentacles at his face to push him back.

" it goes." Tristan said, he was about to try a spell that he learned but never perfected. "Lightning attack!!," he screamed as his tentacles lit up and shot multiple lightning attacks at the rock. But to the shock of Tristan, all it did was stumble the monster back and only deformed his appearance, leaving little charred marks on his body, to a now angered Rock.

John, still dazed, rushed towards the monster with his dead down, his body crashed upon the monster like a wave, pushing him back stumbling right into the gate in which the door chattered in many pieces, the rock monster fell to the ground and on top of him was John, "Go ahead! I'll hold him here," he said to the rest of the group.

The Gate was destroyed, which laid in pieces now under the giant rock monster, who began struggling to get the massive T-Rex off of him. The Wolves dashed through the now destroyed gate, heading towards the center of Pumpkin town in search of Kayla, howling triumphantly.

Tristan looked at John as he said, "I'll be right behind you, go!" John was struggling to keep the rock monster down, but Tristan believed he could hold him for awhile, but he knew he needed to save Kayla, that was the mission.

Tristan nodded and went ahead through the gate as John and the rock monster struggled against each other.

"I'll be back my friend!" What If this was the power of the Witch? The Witch had to be here, they knew they were coming, this whole thing was probably a trap Tristan thought. But, if I defeat the Witch, maybe that'll stop the rock monster, maybe that's the only way. Maybe. Not maybe, it must be!

"Ok Witch El...I'm coming to stop you!" Tristan yelled out as he moved deeper into Pumpkin town.

The be continued

(After much procrastination on my sons story, I finally got back in the swing of things. Hopefully he likes the short battle and the choice that John, the T-Rex, stayed behind to keep the Rock monster busy as Tristan tries to save Kayla. Ultimately I need a way to get his strong sidekick out of the picture, having a T-Rex around is just not fair lol But I also want to up the stakes and show Tristan even with a win, you can still lose. Maybe I'm just overthinking on this silly story! In any event, it sets up Tristan's face to face with the Pumpkin King and Witch El. But it also leaves a question mark on what I do with the Rock monster and John as they're out of the way for now. Anyway, thanks for reading my sons story! I'm also trying to figure out exactly what kind of powers Tristan should have going forward, beings that even though hes a warrior sent on a quest, he is still an inexperienced one at that.)

PS I don't own any of the pictures!

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