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Land Of La La: The Border

( This is a story of nonsense, magic, heroes and villains. A story that may not make sense and may be written like its for a 5 year old, which it is. This is a set of chapters dedicated to my son Tristan, who I love with all my heart.)

CHAPTER 1: The Border

[An evil warlock and his 12 witches attacked the

land of La La with monsters, magic, and evil.

Their mission is to take over the world and to rid

the world of the sun, so they can live in darkness.

In their way is a magical Octopus named Tristan

who was named champion and has taken the

mantle of hero by the good King. His mission is to defeat the

warlock and send all evil out of the land of La La.]

On his way to La La, the octopus would meet many people who would become friends and

allies against evil. One such friend was a T Rex named John, he would be a big part of Tristans

fight to save the world.

John and Tristan made their way into the land of La La, where their first test began. A single witch

stood at the border, laughing at the two, "You may not come through, for doom will be upon


"I am Jin, witch of the eastern sea, if you try to pass, a frog you will be," the witch said.

"Evil will never win Jin, I suggest you move," Said

Tristan, "We are here to stop this madness."

The Witch lifted her hands in the air and screamed into the sky, "Rubble, rubble, pumpkin

bubbles, make these heroes run on the double!"

Just then the Pumpkin patch on the sides came

to life with giant pumpkin head monsters with

candles lighting their eyes and mouths. They ran at Tristan and John with their pumpkin hands reaching out for the two.

John roared a horrible frightful roar that even

scared the witch, then he charged with his head down towards the pumpkins, with each step a giant Boom could be heard. The pumpkins tried but were getting slapped by Johns tail, picked up with his mouth and thrown. Those that he threw to the ground he stomped into the

dirt, covering his giant clawed feet with pumpkin.

Tristan used his tentacles to grab the pumpkins

heads and flip them, then tripped several others, and

finally used a powerful trick he learned from a magic

Eel when he used electric powers to zap the pumpkins

he grabbed which caused the pumpkins to explode in a million pieces.

The Witch saw her monsters were losing and tried to use another spell, but before she

could Tristan took all the Pumpkin heads and threw it at her, knocking the evil witch down.

"I surrender! Please!"

"You're under arrest Jin, for bringing evil to our

land," Tristan said.

"This will only get harder you know. The Warlock

is more powerful than you can ever imagine", Jin


"We will never give up. We will fight until we stop

him and destroy evil forever," Tristan exclaimed.

Tristan and John then handcuffed the witch to a

giant tree with the vines left from the destroyed pumpkins and sent a bird with a message to the

Good King to send his knights to pick up Jin so

she could go to prison. Tristan and John then began their journey into the land of La La.

The End....for now.

#KidsStory #LandofLaLa

( These chapters are for my son Tristan and are based on evil against good. The names and places are also based upon people he knows, for the most part anyway. For example, The Land of La La is named after his Aunt who he loves dearly and would do anything to protect. Like I said, its for a six year old lol I just hope he likes it.)

Thanks for reading.

PS the pictures arent mine, I dont own them.

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