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Land of LA LA: Battle for Pumpkin Town

To my almost seven year old who has been asking me about the next chapter for the last three days, I love you.

Chapter 4

Battle for Pumpkin Town

The wolves moved through the town quickly all on instinct as if they knew exactly where to go. The lead wolf growled as he saw multiple dim lights ahead so he began to slow at a steady walk and his pack followed suit. "Be ready for anything," he said almost at a whisper.

Tristan who finally caught up to the pack was now out of breath and still a little drained from the lightning attack minutes before, saw what was ahead, the dim lights became larger as they got closer.

As they reached the center of town, houses were on both sides of the giant stone road they walked on, with a large fountain that shot water out in the middle of it all. In front of the fountain stood a line of Pumpkin headed soldiers just standing still, awaiting orders. Behind them was a skeleton with a pumpkin head, that had carvings of a face that moved. On top of his head laid a crown. His hands of bone held onto a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. The shield had a picture of a skeletons skull. He sat on top of a horse of black and red, and he sat there half smiling.

"Friends. Friends. Welcome. Welcome. There is no need for this you know. Pumpkin town is a place for all who believe in its king. The pumpkin king... Me. So please, stand down and let us talk on this full moon night," said the now smiling pumpkin king.

"Where's my daughter!?," howled the lead wolf.

"Oh how wonderful, a dog that can talk. Truly amazing," the pumpkin king scoffed.

"I will not play your games! I want my daughter, now!" The lead wolf said as the rest of his pack began to growl towards the Pumpkin King.

The Pumpkin King stared Tristan down as he spoke, "So this is the one everyone is talking about? This thing? How hilarious. How spectacular! Are you here to entertain me?," the Pumpkin King said to Tristan.

"Entertain? No. I'm here to bring you down like I did your gate. You have a wolf in captivity and we're here to bring her home."<