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Land Of La La: Antler Woods

To my son Tristan, you are the sweetest boy and are a hero in my eyes.

Chapter 2: Antler Woods

Tristan and John continued to travel past the border and into the Land of La

La. As they walked Together through the woods called Antler Wood, due to the thousands of deer

that lived there.

The trees were massive in height and width, you could probably climb one of these trees into the

clouds if you were brave enough to try.

As they traveled into the woods, they began to hear a faint noise, a whimpering. Something was

crying. "Lets check it out," Tristan said.

The two began to sneak towards the noise the best they could. The closer they pushed through

the forest, the darker it got. The farther they walked, the louder the noise, until

finally as the suns red glare was barely shining, and shadows bounced all around, they finally

found the noise.

A fire was lit and on top of that fire was a black cauldron filled with greenish water as the stink rose up into the trees. It smelled like skunk but worse. In front of the giant pot was a witch, dressed in a black cloak and a long pointy hat. You could see her eyes, bright yellow, piercing through the darkness but nothing else.

Near her was a giant cage that was full of wolves, wolves that didnt seem to he happy as they growled and tried to smash the cage open.

Several giant pumpkin headed monsters began to pace around, most likely guarding the witch in case the wolves got loose.

"Fire higher, fire low, give me the power to Grow!!!" the witch screamed as her cauldron

erupted into a giant green cloud, she began to laugh..

Tristan and John watched closely and decided it

was time. "I have an idea. If you create a