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Kraven has entered the game!

The hunter will not only come to us in the video game Spider-man 2, but his debut in film is now coming to us and although I saw that this movie was coming out, I really didn't think anything about it. But the trailer hit a few hours ago and I'm all in to see Kraven take down some people in some ridiculous vicious ways.

Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass, Avengers:Age of Ultron) takes the reigns as the soon to be hunter of Spider-Man in his origin movie where he most likely will get where his powers are from and how well he's trained as a killer/hunter. His father played by Russell Crowe (Gladiator) seems to be the main baddie in Kravens life, the one who left him to die and maybe Kraven is out for some vengeance. The kills are ridiculous from the trailer and I'm all in on that, but the little couple of seconds at the end got me pumped up, as they hinted at Rhino making an appearance. What the ever living hell is happening!? Rhino and Kraven!? Let's go!

With Rhino added does that mean we'll get a sinister six movie that was promised years ago by Sony? We'll need a few more characters added but we have two of the six members in this film, Rhino might have a small part but he will show his face. But why would Kraven want to join a team like that or align himself with Rhino? We have to wait and see how it all plays out, because it seems like he's a son scorned and just wants to destroy everything his father built including his dad. How will his brother come to play in all this? Fred Hechinger plays Kraven's brother Dmitri Smerdyakov; who becomes the Chameleon, a master of disguise. So will the two half brothers fight? Pretty sure Kraven kills his half brother in the video game trailer for Spider-Man 2 that dropped a few weeks ago, will they go one on one after the eventual Kraven revenge against his father??

Here's the trailer that came out today!

What did you think of the trailer? Will it be good, bad, or just disgustingly forgettable? Let me know in the comments below!

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