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Knicks thrash Hawks

That's right the New York Knickerbockers dismantled the Atlanta Hawks at home and I dont know how I should feel about it.

Yes the Hawks are a young team and not very good, but, the Knicks looked great tonight. The team looked good in general. Led by SG Tim Hardaway Jr with 31 pts, 7 boards, and 5 assists (you amazing man you!) Followed by Eres Kanter who had a 16 pts and 11 rebounds.

The Knicks though were all over the place defensively with eleven steals on the night and making Atlanta turn the ball over twenty three times throughout the course of the evening at MSG.

Their first round rookie Knox, got in a few punches to The Hawks with 10 points as well, but my real takeaway of the game was seeing undrafted rookie shooting guard Alonzo Trier who scored 15 points, but who also made me for a brief second, that the Knicks found a gem.

I believe Knox will be a very good player in the league, but you see shades of a potential superstar in Trier. Yes, damnit, I know I'm overlooking the situation and player after one game, dont ruin this for me!

We havent had much to be happy about as Knicks fans, not since the early 90s have we had a decent consistent team, and I'm crossing my fingers the NYK stay the course and build the team the right way.

Trier, Knox, Robinson, Hardaway Jr, Kanter, Hezonja, Porzingis, Vonleh...young talented players who could help this team be successful with a good coach in Fizdale.

So I'm over thinking this 126 to 107 victory of the Hawks, I know this, but for a moment, just a moment, I'm a happy Knicks fan. Dont take this away from me with rational thoughts. I know itll be a tough season, despite James going to LA, it's still an uphill battle in the East, especially in the Atlantic division. But for now we are undefeated. For a single moment in time, we, the knicks are tied for first place, championship bound (in my imagination only) and ready to take down any challengers....yes, for now we are 1-0 and I'm not worried about tomorrow.

#OneGameAtATime #Knicks #KnicksVsHawks #NBA #undefeated

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