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Knicks Robinson, Stud

The Knicks are a mess, yet I'm completely happy with their second round pick Mitchell Robinson, who I got to see at MSG against the Toronto Raptors, even though the Knickerbockers got blown out, he put on a show.

Rebounds galore. The dude is a legit rebounder and can block the shit out of anyone. Hes huge, has good speed, and has fifty foot arms that float above the rim and knock down enemy balls like some kind of missile defense system.

He can score in the paint as well, he almost had a 20-20 game against Toronto, but missed a shot near the end, hes by far the best player on the court, and a player they should build around, finally. With more work this dude can be a legit starting center for the Knicks, I'm just hoping these assholes dont trade him like they do everyone else.

With the insane possibility of stars coming to New York next season and the development of our young guys, and the hope of drafting Zion Williamson, we could have a legit tough team next season, for the first time in a long time, but it's all speculative, only whispered rumors of certain players who want to be a Knick, but if they do join and win, they'll be legends, whoever decides to come aboard.

Robinson is a stud, I'm glad he fell to the Knicks to the second round. Hell of a pick. #Knicks #NYK

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