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Knicks: No Mercy

What a game! Orlando didn't know what hit them tonight, the Knicks ran in and punched Orlando in the face in their own house and didn't even apologize, it didn't even seem fair.

What a win though! Evan Fournier and Julius Randle again were the stars, but that damn bench was on fire again! The entire team went on a three point shot binge and I love it.

What I'm most happy about is Quickly and Toppin getting decent minutes and showing what they can do with Obi getting 13 points in 23 minutes and Quick grabbing 16 points in 19 minutes! Damn I love this team!

Rose, again did a great job at facilitating the ball and getting 12 points in the process for a whopping +34 in the +/- ....damn!!

The bench shot down 15 threes....they went 15 for 27 downtown. It's a stat that gives me happy tears of joy!

God I love this team! We'll see if we can bury Orlando on Sunday in the rematch, if we do, Knick fans are gonna go nuts, but until then, we'll enjoy the great start of being Until Sunday, we undefeated! Woooo!

Who else is excited for this season?! It feels like it's a special season already, doesn't it?

121 Knicks 96 Magic

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