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Knicks being the Knicks

So the Knicks trade the best player they've had since the 90s to Dallas for a young guard they could of drafted, some coffee beans, and a burrito.

Honestly if you think of it as a GM, it was a good move, it gives us cap space with their hearts set on getting Durant and Irving. They are also hoping they got the number one pick that would help grab Williamson the hottest college player since Lebron James.

KP wanted out of New York, that's the bottom line. The Knicks were like the abusive parents who constantly fought in front of him and finally he got to the age where he could move out. He moves out and lives a life of happiness and never sees hes parents again. That's what this is, we couldnt afford to bring him back, we've already destroyed our relationship with him and caused the fractured partnership into an explosion of unanswered questions.

This trade is a push into the future, to wipe clean what we've done in the past and opened the door to potential. Thats it. The door is wide open for potential. That's all we've got. A potential imaginary team waiting for us next season is KD, Zion, Kyrie, Robinson, Knox, Dennis Smith Jr, Trier among a few others. That is the best case scenario and that usually never works out with the Knicks, we tried doing this when James was a free agent in 2010, except our team was old and shit. This time around we are young and have more than one max spot for a superstar player.

Kristaps Porzingis, Courtney Lee, Tim Hardaway Jr., for Wesley Matthews, Dennis Smith Jr. and DeAndre Jordan, this is the trade that has half the people in NY smashing their faces on the concrete and the other half with tears of understanding In their eyes.

My take: Its the right move, why the hell would we keep around if he doesnt want to be here? Let this Knicks front office work some magic and see what they can accomplish. They have balls of Steel to make this move, and I like that. Not only that but they are standing behind it 100%.

I think KD wants to be in NY and if comes and wins in NY, he will be a legend. He will be bigger than James at that point.

Until it happens However I'm not really optimistic on our chances of having our very own 'Big Three', it's a dream, a dream that might not come true, that's all it is until it happens.

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