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Keaton Returns

Yes, the Batman we all know and love is returning for another small run at being the caped crusader. The man who blew up Acme, killed some clowns, and tried burning some circus folk is back in the new Flash movie.

Ezra Miller reprised his roll as Flash and he obviously crosses into a Multiverse to meet 90s Batman who might very well stab Flash, so I hope he's careful. I like Miller's Flash so I'm hoping this movie does well, because DC has been on a decent roll of late with more upcoming awesome titles coming out.

What I'm really stoked about is Grant Gustins Flash also being in the movie, which makes me happy, what can I say, I liked the television show, although I stopped watching it. I'm sorry, it's getting a little to much and I couldn't take it so I did what any normal human being would do when bored with a show he used to like...I left home to live in the mountains.

Ben Affleck also returns as Batman, who I thought did a decent job in the last few movies, he's a good actor. Except in Daredevil, he's the worst human being in the world for that damn atrocity. Don't mention that movie in my presence again!

Back to Keaton....God I love Keaton's Batman, he was so good. I mean I'm pretty sure he killed some Penguins, but I don't hold it against him, they did try to murder people with bazooka backpacks...what the fuck was up with that?

Anyway, Michael Keatons Batman returns, are you excited? Will the Flash movie be epic? I'm starting to think it'll be one of the best DC movies to date.

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