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Jujutsu Kaisen 0

What a fun movie! Jujutsu Kaisen is a prequel to the series that features a new character named Yuta Okkotsu, who has gained control to an immense powerful cursed spirit. The sadness of this movie hits you heavily as the cursed spirit who Yuta can't control. You find out during the movie that in fact the cursed spirit is a girl who loved him, a girl who died very young during a very brutal car accident. Pretty sad shit happening in this film. Rest in Peace Rika!

The opening shows that Yuta has a cursed spirit who protects him as some high school bullies try to beat him up, Rika appears and destroys each one and stuffs them in a small closet. You can see he doesn't want it to happen but he has no control over it. He wants to be left alone and away from anyone he can hurt and that's when he's recruited and convinced to join Tokyo Jujutsu Technical High by Gojo, who is one of the strongest characters if not the strongest in the world.

The story isn't the strongest part of the story, but its easy to follow and any casual fan of Anime can pick up on what's happening quickly. The whole story is about Yuta and his cursed spirit Rika and how he deals with not only her, but the memory of his potential future with her being severed by a car accident years before. The friendship story and the slow build up to the trust Maki Zenin, Toge Inumaki, and Panda have for Yuta is pretty good. Having more screen time for the main villain Geto is also pretty sick as you get more background to not only his character but his mindset, he's a pretty sick individual.

Voice Acting was ok, wasn't crazy about Rika's voice and wasn't amazed by Yuta's voice, but Geto's, Gojo, and the side characters I did love. I also appreciated having some of the series roster join in on the movie, either in cameos or main characters in the story of Yuta Okkotsu. Maybe I just gotta get used to Yuta's voice actor or actress.

The Soundtrack? It was pretty sick, loved the music playing whether it was dramatic or full on action packed rock music playing as fights break out. This was definitely the type of soundtrack I'll download from Spotify. This was one of the strong points of the film. Whether it was a dramatic moment, action packed fight, or a moment of hesitation, every song fit the scene almost perfectly. The sound affects were also great. Its another anime movie you have to watch in surround sound to get the full quality of what your watching.

Animation was top notch in the movie, it was extremely detailed and the fights were top tier. The bigger battle between Panda and Toge Inumaki against Geto was awesome, the fights were easy to follow and reminded me a little bit of Dragon Ball Super, where it's moving so fast but you can still see what's happening. This is the best part of the movie, the animation is just far and above everything else that needs to be ranked, its near perfect.

All in all it was a very re-watchable movie that brings the series characters more depth and personality, it also gives us a little more look at the big baddie Geto and an awesome power display from Gojo. We get a decent beginning, a solid middle to build it all up to the climax from the villain, followed by some cunning maneuvers by Geto to outwit the Sorcerers and try to claim Rika for himself, almost like collecting a nuclear weapon against the world to destroy all life. The climax was entertaining, even if it did go out in a small whimper as the casualties that I thought was about to happen didn't, but even with that I was still happy and satisfied at what transpired.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 gets a 85 out of 100, 8.5 out of 10 Domain Expansion points of awesomeness.

What did you think? What do you think happens next with Yuta? Let us know in the comments!

Animation: 24/25

Soundtrack: 22/25

Story: 20/25

Voice Acting: 19/25

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