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James Gunn Defects to DC

James Gunn defects

Obviously the title isnt true, there was some crazy past shit he did that I wont get into here. Marvel fired him and boom, now you got a hot free agent out in the field of play. So what did everyone think was gonna happen? He joined DC. That's right, the man that gave us Guardians of The Galaxy is now in charge of....wait for patient....Suicide Squad! Boom!

The same suicide squad that made Deadshot and Harley Quinn fan favorites and Jared Letos Joker a shit show, will now have a new writer for the sequel, and rumors from everyone's mother is that he could possibly direct.

Now I'm a fan of all things superheroes, I love the genre, but we can't sit here and say DC has had a good track record with their live action films. Animated movies? Absolutely, they are amazing. Animated shows? Hell yes, who doesn't like Young Justice, any Batman show, or Teen Titans. So grabbing James Gunn was a wise choice, but can he save DC from their bad choices and terrible movies? (Wonder Women, Batman trilogy, and Man of Steel I liked)

Not only that, but Batista, the former WWE world champ and star of Guardians of the Galaxy as Drax was even happy for his former director and put his two cents out there that he would love to be involved, possibly as Bane or Lobo for the future Suicide Squad film. But everything is up in the air, the dude still has to write the damn script so everyone relax. I said relax!

I actually liked some things in the first suicide squad, but the time line didnt make sense, where the hell was Batman, and some of the writing was corny as hell. But I'm nitpicking I suppose. Several characters showed promise in the movie and I'm hoping they can develop them even more.

So here is to James Gunn making a decent damn DC movie. Crossing my fingers because i said before, I'm a fan and want DC to succeed.

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