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Isshiki Ōtsutsuki Falls

Yes the most powerful of all the Ōtsutsuki has fallen in Boruto in one of the most painful episodes I ever had to endure. This arc to me was a war unlike any of the characters have been through at the moment and it brings about huge change in the power structure within the world of Naruto.

Jigen was betrayed by his own people who have been deceiving him from the beginning. Kara scientist and trusted allie Amado Sanzu, one of the most brilliant minds on the planet at this point, betrayed the Kara Clan along with Jigen to stop his plans. Not only did he betray his master but so did their best soldier, Koji Kashin, who I was surprised to find he was a clone of Jiraiya, Naruto's former master who died in the Pain arc, was created for the purpose of fighting Jigen. All the signs were there but I didn't notice them, even though they slapped you in the face with most of it. This was a cool twist I wasn't expecting and a welcome one.

Sasuke and Naruto couldn't touch Isshiki at first, he was too strong, fast, and way a step ahead every single time. Although I wish the outcome was different it made sense as to why Isshiki was stronger by far, it was also frustrating to watch as two of my favorites get tossed around like rag dolls. The only thing really helping at all was Sasuke's Rinnegan, which frustrated the piss out of Isshiki.

This entire arc was pretty entertaining and wild. Kawaki continues to impress as he learns Ninjitsu and shows he would sacrifice himself to save his master Naruto. His character continues to grow and learn after being abused his whole life and given the Kama from Jigen to be the next body of Isshiki Otsutsuki, which the rest of the Hidden leaf is trying to stop from happening, but how do you stop someone who can just appear out of thin air? He's becoming the main character in Boruto's own show.

The battles in this arc are pretty intense and quick, especially when the big two go at it against the Otsussuki god. The saddest part of this whole storyline is Kurama. I was warned before watching some of these episodes that I might start to hate the show because something bad was going to happen yet it would bring about Naruto's strongest form yet. So I went in believing a character would die, not that Kurama would disappear from the world. This loss stung, especially as Naruto and Kurama talked, you can tell they love each other, and it just hurts seeing Naruto go through yet another thing like this.

Naruto was near dying when Kurama would push Naruto to use his chakra in a way that would definitely kill both of them, knowing full well it would only kill Kurama. Baryon Mode was god like, to the point where Isshiki couldn't do anything against Naruto, the Hidden leaf Hokage showed that he wasn't to be trifled with and with little to no movements repelled all attacks against the god who tried to take Kawaki. It was awesome to see Naruto hit another power level and just piss off the god who thought little to nothing about his opponents.

The end of arc brought about some changes including Boruto losing his shit as he is the vessel of Momoshiki Otsutsuki, someone he disposed of earlier on in the season in an epic battle. Momoshiki sometimes takes over Boruto's body as his chakra fades away, much like when Naruto used to use up all his chakra it would revert to using Kurama's chakra making him stronger. Momoshiki is powerful in his own right and takes over right when all things seem to be calming down and he takes out the Rinnegan from Sasuke by stabbing him in the eye. God damnit!

So this entire arc to me, although good, was to nerf down Naruto and Sasuke so they couldn't defeat the threat that is coming, because before this they were the strongest in the world most likely, other than the gods. Now they are much weaker, yet still one of the most powerful. With these losses in power, I'm kind of curious if some other village or clan will take a shot at the Hidden Leaf since their in a moment of weakness. I'm also curious on how Kawaki turns out now he doesn't have the Kama and how he does as a potential student in the Hidden leaf.

All in all this arc gave me some good fights, good potential future storylines, and a loss that can't be comprehended. I understand some arguments about the fact Naruto doesn't have Kurama anymore, a piece of him that has been around since the first episode of season one of Naruto, and how a beloved character is now gone because of the necessary sacrifice that ensured the survival of Naruto and those he loved against one of the most powerful enemies he will ever face, but I feel like it was the right move. It made the arc much more bigger because of the loss he faced and the bigger problem that will eventually occur with Boruto being another gods vessel. Same goes for Sasuke losing the Rinnegan, yes, it was annoying to see, and I wanted to german suplex Boruto once I saw what that little prick did, but as far as the story goes, it was a key moment where the power structure in the world has changed dramatically. It was understandable why this happened.

So with that said this arc gets a solid 85 out of 100 Shadow Clones from me!

Rest in peace Kurama...

Eat shit Isshiki.

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