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Is Dark Knight the best hero movie of all time?

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

"Its simple, we kill the batman."

Why is the dark knight the best movie in the superhero genre? I'll tell you.

There is consequences for everything he does. Take being Batman for example, this gives the likes of the Joker a chance to do his thing, which was to create as much chaos in Gotham as possible.

Batman, plain and simple fucks up. Right from the start after Joker robs a bank, he shrugs him off as if hes not a threat. His main concern is the money the mobs use and how to stop them from using that money. The mob? Also make the same mistake when they are more concerned with hiding their money from the police from being taken, and a mob boss even says, "Some two-bit whack-job. Wears a cheap purple suit and make-up. He's not the problem. He's a nobody." Hes describing the Joker and dont think hes a threat. Everyone immediately writes the Joker off and everyone pays in the end.

After a deal was struck between the mob and Joker, choas ensues. People die and the city is in turmoil. A plan is set to capture the elusive Joker and it works. Again, Gordon, Harvey Dent, and Batman dont give Joker any credit and write him off. Still after all this they dont deem him a threat. Yet he again outsmarts everyone. Getting captured is part of the plan. A plan no one can fathom would happen.

When Jokers captured he basically, well in my head anyway, tells Batman that he knows who he is when hes talking about Rachel. Batman freaks out and starts beating the Joker up who says laughing, "You have nothing, nothing to threaten me with! Nothing to do with all your strength."

That had to be hard for Batman, nothing he could do forcefully would not have any affect on this potential lunatic. And then showed how selfish Batman was by switching up the addresses of where Harvey and Rachel were. He knew who he would go after. He knew Batman was going after Rachel. So like the crazed but brilliant person he was, he switched the addresses of where they were and boom....Batman saves Harvey, deep down knowing most likely Rachel would die. That had to kill Bruce inside.

When Joker went to the hospital to start some shit and explain to Harvey what happened and how he is, he basically loaded a gun and set it free. Harvey just lost someone he wanted to marry, to love, and grow old with. He pinpoints the dirty cops, the mob, and Gordon as his targets of frustration which was started by the Joker. And who wouldnt lose their shit after that situation?

So many things made this movie awesome. Not just the acting or plot. It's the little things. Like the antagonist actually winning. The Joker destroyed the city, made Batman disappear, got rid of the mob, and got Harvey Dent 'the white knight of Gotham', killed.

Right from the get-go Batman, The mob, Harvey, Gordon, everyone underestimated the Joker at every turn and ultimately paid for it in every way. That's why its it's amazing and that's why this movie is the best.

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