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Wow. I dont even know where to start in this crazy show. This series keeps you on the edge of your seat because you have no idea who is who and what is what. Yes there is a graphic novel, but dont read that until you're done with this first season, then go buy the novels.

The story revolves around two supers, one named Omni-man and his son Invincible, the relationship between these two characters is very good, especially after Invincible gets his powers. After his son gets his powers, things change and go down hill.

How does Invincible not only become a superhero, but live a normal life? That's what he dealt with throughout the season. Hes trying to learn how to be that hero, to live up to what his dad is, who is basically superman. The show is by the creator of The walking dead Robert Kirkman.

The show is brutal at times, but the violence all makes sense and has good timing. The voice acting is top notch from top to bottom for these characters. The storyline is purely amazing and because it's new, you have no idea what will happen. My jaw dropped multiple times during the eight episodes that usually last about 45 minutes or so, long, but well worth it.

There are a lot of characters that mirror others from different shows including Omni-mans character who is a cross between Superman and a common soldier within the Saiyan race of Dragon Ball Z. Omni-man is from another planet and his son is half human, half Viltrumite, which is the planet where Omni-man is from. Hes been on Earth for 20 years so far and after his son gets his powers and you dont really know much about him except shit he says is shady. But not much is known about him or his planet, except the few things he says about it. Same goes with Justice League type teams in this universe of storytelling, the resemblance towards a lot of characters are easy to see, including there own Hell Boy. But that's all that is, it seems like some generic superhero show and then its not.

I also like the minor villain characters that show up that look like they have little or no value, but later they are more than just throw away characters. Several little arcs within the story caught me off guard which I loved and proves how wonderful the writing is, especially the dialogue.

Bottom line this is a great show, so far. Do I put it in the same category as some of the greats? It's up there right now, mostly because of all the shock moments, not even just a shock for the sake of it, the value of these moments are because of the greatness of its timing.

This show is a A+ as Kirkman does it again.

I was gonna throw out spoilers of major occurrences during this first season, but fuck that, you need to go in with no knowledge of anything that's going on so you're happily surprised at what goes down.

Voice actors are amazing in this, like crazy good, I had to bring that up one more time because it was perfect casting all the way around.

There you have it, I tried to be as vague as possible for the most part, and I think I did pretty well to keep it spoiler free. So watch it, enjoy, then come back and comment your feelings about the show afterwards.

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