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In Daniel we TRUST


The New York Giants are officially trying to give me a heart attack. They refuse to win easily this season, so what ensues is a game full of stress that brings me up and down in emotional states of both anger and euphoria. Not only that, the last minute of the game felt like ten minutes, it had me on the edge of my seat in pure panic as the Jacksonville Jaguars, who I thought were absolutely out of the game, drove down the field with seconds left to potentially score the game winning touchdown. Those bastard Jaguars just refused to give up, it was annoying, yet utterly satisfying.

The Giants pulled out another last ditch effort and held on tightly against the Jaguars who were favorites to win this game. This game also changes the perception of what Daniel Jones is and that is he's simply the Giants franchise quarterback. He keeps playing these tough tight games and comes out on top against solid teams, despite having any help at wide receiver. There were so many damn drops in this game to the point where I yelled at the TV to get rid of them all, because its frustrating as hell to watch Jones throw great passes only for the wide outs to just let the ball hit them in the chest and fall to the ground.

Barkley, who ran the ball once in the firsr half was given every opportunity to get yardage in the second half, getting over a hundred yards rushing once again. He's a stud, I was wrong about him, and he's pretty much the MVP of this team. Daniel Jones ran for over a hundred yards as well along with two hundred yards passing, he is leading this team every week, and truly has made his mark in the NFL. You see it weekly that he's getting better, he's also avoiding those deadly turnovers he's known to make.

The defense under Martindale again comes up big to end yet another game. This time stopping the Jaguars at the one yard line with no time left on the clock, a play that could have easily went the other way. Although it was stressful watching barely any pressure get to Lawrence, they made enough plays to both slow the Jags down and stop them altogether. It was a total team win from top to bottom. These coordinators are just amazing and the game plan the head coach implements on a week to week basis is crazy good. I don't know if there is a better coaching staff than what the Giants have right now.

Bottom Line Danny Dimes is proving he should be the New York Giants starting quarterback for the future of this team, he's showing he's tough, competitive, a leader, and is doing whatever it takes to win these games. You can't argue success and Jones has found the perfect Head Coach and offensive coordinator to use his talents to the highest potential he has, and its good to see. Its good to see the fans of the Giants rally around him and push for him to get that contract to stick around a few years.

What do you think? Should they extend his contract? Is he a future star at his position?

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