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If I'm the Giants GM: Defense

If I was hired, the first thing I'd do is talk to the coaching staff and try to get their take on what's going on, you know what the hell do they think is the problem, then I'd flip my desk over and say, "First things first, we're going back to the 43 defense, because we have zero linebackers that can get pressure!"

43 Defense

Yes, we have no Linebackers that can really produce pressure, we have run stoppers, fast run stoppers, minus Azeez Ojulari, who I believe will be the cornerstone of this Giants defense for the next ten years. We don't have the personal for the 34 and don't have certain guys we had last year that helped hide some of our deficiencies on D, some were let go, another was traded.

Let's just get that out of the way, Markus Golden shouldn't of been traded. He could of been a big part of this Defense and helped get much needed pressure.

They have talent on the defensive back side, a shit load, but they're playing like crap and it doesn't help that the QB has all day to throw usually.

Give Coughlin more time at DE, Lorenzo Carter just isn't getting it done rushing the QB. Bottom line, we can't stay in the 34 Defense without Linebackers that can get pressure or cover.

Let It go

I know I said this will be about the defense but this can't wait, it needs to be addressed.

I love Barkley, but you can't resign him. Our cap is stupid right now and signing a guy who is always hurt would be a bad move, so I tell him that at the end of the season, we're gonna let you walk. He's a great talent, but on this team we need a running back that will hit the line and get four yards no matter who is in front of them, that makes Jones job easier.

Evan Engram....I don't even talk to him, I just send him a text that it's over, that we will no longer require his services. Again, talented guy, who needs to fix some of his issues with catching the ball and blocking, but he could be a top notch TE for a better team.

I don't release or trade these guys, I simply let them walk for nothing, because the Giants have like a billion dollars in dead cap space because of stupid moves. I don't give a shit about getting a sixth round draft pick for losing someone, I want the cap situation to be fixed.

Make the call

We need a pass rusher and have about four million in space, I'd ask some guys to help out and adjust their contracts some so I can give Olivier Vernon a call, he's sitting there at home staring at a wall, I want him to get back to work. He had 9 God damn sacks last season! I'm calling his ass to see if he wants to play DE along side of Leonard Williams, Lawrence, and Azzez who I would start on the other end position.

This whole team I think is better if the pass rush is better, thats the first thing that we need to fix. With that fixed, our defensive back units will thrive and be better off defending. Easier said than done, I get that, but it needs to change now, not in week 10.

What else would you change If you were GM on defense? Who is responsible for the terrible start?

Tonight I'll go over what I'd do on offense if anything at all, it's kind of a mess other than a few positions.

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