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I'm Batman: Trailer review

Holy Bat shit Batman! Are you excited? I sure am, because that trailer for The Batman was dope as hell! It also didn't give us anything other than Batman being young and aggressive as fuck, most likely still holding onto the anger of his parents deaths.

Cat Women...I'm in love with Zoë Kravitz after seeing barely anything of her in the trailer, she looks the part and shows that she could potentially be the best Catwomen in film.

The Penguin played by Colin Ferrell doesn't look anything like the actor, holy shit. The credits will show that the penguin will be played by the Penguin. I also love how he shit his pants once he saw that Batman wasn't gonna stop chasing him.

The Riddler still seems mysterious and nothing was given on what he knows or what his plan is other than giving Batman a hard time in life, but it seems that the Riddler knows something that has a lot to do with the Wayne family. This character is extremely intriguing.

Robert Pattinson is a great actor who unfortunately got popular from a movie most of the cast would like to forget, a little movie called Twilight. I feel Patinson is gonna knock this interpretation of Bruce Wayne/Batman out of the park and that we will put this Edward Vampire to rest for the rest of time.

Batman getting shot and just keep on coming was awesome, Bats just doesn't give a shit, he just wants to punish all criminals and I'm all for it.

The trailer definitely does its job of getting us fans pumped up and ready for the movie....but we need to wait until March of next year! I'm not sure I can wait that long! But I have no choice....why?!?!

This Batman is set during the first year or so of Bruce Wayne's attempt at bringing the criminals of Gotham to justice, so he's gonna have a different mindset, and I feel the Riddler might pay for with his life for that, but ultimately change Batmans way of doing things. It also looks dark as hell and I love it.

So what did you think? Comment below! Like, share, and then go yell outside about the Batman!

Watch the trailer from YouTube here!

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