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I hate Boston, but congrats

So the Boston Redsox won the world series and as I said before, this series would end quickly. Boston had to much going for them offensively and just to much fire power in the starting rotation. Jesus christ ,even Dave dickweed Price had two good starts in this world series.


(I really hate Boston.)

So here I am minding my own buisness and like a jealous ex, Boston continues to troll the New York Yankees. It's ok little Brothers, you won again, you are on a good run and still cant stop thinking of us? Us, meaning the Yankees. If they were all thinking of just me during this series that would be extremely weird.

(Watching Boston win is like getting punched in the face with a hot iron.)

So most fans will throw out that we have twenty seven titles to there, I think nine now. Well I'm not. Yes, I've watched multiple championships won by my Yankees, including a time of four title wins in six tries in seven years. That was a dominating chain of seasons that will probably never be duplicated. I cherish those wins, especially in 1996, because it was a time I watched with my grandmother, my first time being that excited for our Yankees in a long time.

(Can we banish Boston from America?)

So yes, congrats to the Boston Redsox on an amazing season. But stop thinking about us, we will be back next season and again we will fight you guys for first place. It's what makes baseball amazing. The storylines. The feud. The heroics. The villains. The rivalry of the Redsox and Yankees goes back for one hundred years. When these two teams are good it makes baseball one hundred times better.

(Redsox winning is the equivalent of watching Anakin Skywalker kill the Tuscan raiders.)

So enjoy the off season and prepare for another fight in 2019. I still hate you guys but I respect what you accomplished this season.

(Boston....I hate you. )

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