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I am Venom

After missing my opportunity to see the Venom film in theaters, I finally got my chance and I was pleasantly surprised. Not like I just won the lottery surprised, more like it's a snow day surprised.

From all the hype and all the feedback from countless fans and haters of the movie I can finally make my own unbiased opinion about the film.

Right off, I didnt think it could really work without Spiderman and I still think Spiderman in this universe would make the story stronger. With that said, I loved that it focused on Eddie Brock through almost the entire movie.

We got action, we got comedy that wasnt to bad, the dialogue between Eddie Brock and Venom was hilarious to me, and the fight scenes were pretty entertaining.

Riot, the main leader and baddie symbiote, isnt really shown much until the end. You can see him taking different forms and murdering people and get his intentions near the end, but he wasnt a great bad guy.

Eddie Brock and Venoms banter and Brocks reaction to the voices in his head was amazing. I cant say enough of Tom Hardy's acting.

Best scene is definitely being surrounded by police, him warning them, and then giving Venom the ok to come out was great. Although he didnt eat anyone it definitely looked like several guys could be crippled or dead when he attacked.

Carlton Drake, a billionaire scientist played by Riz Ahmed was decent. I liked his character more that he had depth to him. Whenever the villain thinks hes doing what's right but isnt, makes things a lot better in films. He didnt care how many people died in the pursuit of his goals, he just knew that in the end it would help humanity. In the end, what he wanted didnt matter when Riot took him over, because Riot had his own plans.

The love interest just felt like it was thrown in there for someone for Brock to have a connection to, someone he could lose in the thick of things, which he did because of his ambition. I like Michelle William's aka Jen from Dawsons Creek, but wasnt into her here.

Again, not a great movie, but better than most. I was definitely entertained. Good job Sony.

I'll give it a 3.7 out of 5 Symbiotes I cant wait for the sequel.

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