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How it ends: Review

"No one survives alone." Yea, watching this damn movie.

How to describe the Netflix movie 'How it ends'. (Son of a bitch!)

Several words come to mind. Like what the hell?! I gave it a shot. I was interested after seeing the trailer and immediately I realized what the movie was, and it was predictable.

A movie about two men, the father and the potential son in law who have problems with each other and only after a apocalyptic scenario do they join together in an effort to save the woman they both love.

I liked the potential of this movie, it really had a shot to be decent. But it couldnt help itself. If fell flat on its face.

The pacing was slow and somewhat boring. I was fine with some of it, but when they failed to develop any of the characters, it lost my interest.

Several side characters just didnt make sense, the world went to shit in 6 days basically, and I really have no idea what I watched. All I know is I was into it and I wanted to see what happens, but I already knew!

What I didnt know was the ending.....How it ends....they warn you with the fucking title. How it ends is like kick to the temple, they tease and tease and tease this apocalyptic event and right when you think they will eventually figure it out, boom, game over. It ends. Simply ends.

You want to know why I'm annoyed at this movie? Because it just simply ended...out of nowhere, with no explanation, with no end to the story.

I'll give this a 2 out of 5 stars, but I'm being kind. Mildly entertaining up until a point where you wish you were locked in an apocalyptic world with the person who made up that ending.

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