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House of Dragons vs Rings of Power

I've watched both series and both have huge amounts of potential. But one of them had more of my attention than the other and it by a lot.

I loved Game of Thrones, even their shit seasons I brushed off and accepted, even though it wasn't great I liked certain aspects of what happened in the final season. From the political intrigue, the character development, to the battles of wits and wars on the battlefield. It was a show based on Chess type moves between characters, a game of real life strategy, and it was much appreciated.

Lord of the Rings? The Hobbit? Loved it, all six hundred hours of both trilogies. I can't get enough of the awesome battles these movies had, most specifically the The Two Towers Battle of Helm's Deep and Return of The King when Rohan came to the aid of Gondor at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. These battles were epic and stick in my head any time I think about the movies.

When the two shows were announced I was excited for both, but as I began both at the same time I found myself wanting to watch House of Dragons more. It felt more specific in its storytelling, as it is all based around really one large family. Rings of Power is more vast as it tells a much larger story with more impact, a potential evil that could destroy the world is much stronger than telling a story of one kingdom or dealing with something based on one country.

So which one is better? They both have good qualities. House of Dragons has good story telling and political drama, while Rings of Power has beautiful Visuals and great action, I'm still trying to get myself hooked to the story though. That said, watching Rings of Power, they hit you with a swerve, a twist that you probably saw coming, but I didn't. Well I kinda had a minor inkling about someone, someone I didn't quite trust.

House of Dragons is definitely more political and has more drama than Rings of Power. We know what's about to happen in Westeros, we just don't know how it's gonna happen. Slowly but surely the strings of each character is cut and they begin long journeys into a political war behind the scenes while trying to stay civil face to face. The families begin to get get restless with each other with the possible future for the kingdom as the Kings daughter Rhaenyra is the future, meanwhile the Queen had a son who should of been the next in line. The whole royal family is a mess and the season ends horribly. The House of Dragons will come tumbling down soon as it's started by the Dragons themselves, who have personalities and makes decisions that will have long term consequences for all that live in Westeros.

The Rings of Power have the beginnings of Sauron, a powerful sorcerer who disappeared. The cunning leader of darkness weaves his evil throughout the land in a large scale plan that will eventually start a large scale war in middle Earth. The story is okay, some of it is slow paced, but the Visuals are amazing. The story didn't hook me in like House of Dragons, sometimes it felt I needed to be forced to watch it. I do like some of the characters in the story, especially the Elves side of things. Some believe evil is still around, that darkness surrounds middle Earth, but other Elves believe the darkness is behind them for awhile, until it's not. I also love the beginnings of how and why the rings are being made, I truly blame the Elves for everything.

It's grading time!

House of Dragons

Grade: 93 A

Rings of Power

Grade: 87 B+

Both are good in different ways and very entertaining if you love the Game of Thrones or Lord of The Rings, the universe they open up gives us what it was like before our favorite movies or series, it's definitely worth watching if you're a fan of either of them. Amazon Prime has Rings of Power and HBO Max obviously has House Of Dragons!

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