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House of The Dragons S1 E2

Episode 2

I would follow Rhaenyra Targaryen if I was part of this never ending circle of pain and misery that lives in Westeros, despite never having a queen rule the country, she has all the attributes of a natural born leader.

Rhaenyra just doesn't give a flying fuck and I like that, knowing full well that her uncle, the kings brother Daemon stole her own brother's un-hatched dragon egg, which is custom for a Targaryen child I believe. The king sent men to retrieve the egg which most likely would of ended up in a battle and pushed the brothers into war.

I love the meeting between Daemon and Viserys men he sent, which almost escalated into an attack, but Daemons dragon came out and roared much to the dismay of the men Viserys men, who put away their swords cause they knew they were dead if they attacked. That's when Rhaenyra showed up on her dragon with no fucks given and basically told Daemon that's she's in her home of Dragonstone, which is hers when she comes of age. She also told him to give him the egg and basically stop with your bullshit, which he did most likely out of the fondness he has for his niece. I really do think he cares for her. She even gives him the opportunity to kill her to be the next in line for the throne, but he doesn't, again because of the love he has. I really don't think he's totally bad, I think he's misunderstood. I honestly don't think he even hates his brother, he just doesn't trust those around him and some choices he's made.

We get a awkward proposal that makes sense in this time they're living in but makes most people cringe as Corlys Velaryon offers the king a new wife who is 12 years old, who tells the king that she shall give him many babies. It was weird as fuck and even the king was like, "Yeah, thanks and all but she's a fucking kid and this is awkward as shit to me."

So the king does one better, he tells his council that he shall marry, but it's too Rhaenyra's favorite cousin, basically her best friend. What she didn't know was that this was manipulative from the beginning, not the friendship, but her cousin Alicent has been in the kings ear for awhile now being a good friend to the king, giving advice, and even got the king to open up to her. This move was bullshit on both the king and cousins part, but such is life in the city of ass hats that live in Kings Landing. Obviously this pisses both Rhaenyra and Corlys off as they both storm off, both caught off guard by the choice the king made for the I think 14 year old Alicent.

In the end Corlys has a meeting with the outcast Daemon Targaryen at Dragonstone, complaining and trying to manipulate in a way, but the real reason is to form an alliance, help him to rid him of an enemy the king won't dare to stop because he doesn't want a war for the kingdom, and that may sway more to his cause and more importantly, more people will see him as a legitimate contender for the throne instead of Rhaenyra, who is next in line.

Shit is about to hit the fan, alliances and betrayals are coming, the Targaryen Empire that has flourished up until now is dissipating by the second. It's fun to watch the ticking time bomb of destruction for these people. War is coming, there is no way back from this. The Targaryen high born of Westeros sit on top a pedestal not knowing the future was already written, that destiny requires these people, the people of Westeros to fall, and for the horrors of what's beyond the wall be forgotten.

I love me some clashing of characters with words instead of swords, it creates a better understanding of these people and their relationships with one another. We'll get more of this, but we will get bloodshed, sooner rather than later.

90 out of 100 for Episode 2, it was weird, cringe, and had some solid moments. Rhaenyra is the MVP thus far.

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