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Hello? This thing still on?

Woooo! It is officially 12 am on Friday and I finally have the time to write a little bit. Technically, having no time to write is a lie, I've just been super "busy". Mmhmm....yup, busy....busy doing nothing!!! Well, that's sort of true, I've been exhausted once again from life and work, but somehow I'm here writing after a twelve hour day.


My body and eyes are like, "Yo dude, go to fkn sleep my man, you're body needs some rest" yet my mind is like, "I'll take the ring to Mordor."


What have I been doing? Besides eradicating ghosts and goblins from other realms obviously. Playing Fortnite, yup, even bought some skins for it, a game I said was the stupidest thing ever because it's free and people buy random costumes, yet here I am, a traitor to my own statements.


So what did I buy?! Glad you asked! Ryu, Chun-Li, a Sith Trooper, and Black Krrsantan! I'm so stupid! God damn myself! On that note, me and my three older rascals from hell have been on a small winning streak lately as a team, which is fun. Although my 16 and 17 year old can hold their own against most, and my oldest son who is 20 is just getting used to the controls, I remain a support player. I know my role. Sniping, causing distractions, creating chaos, and grabbing tanks and just making life difficult for our enemies. It's fun and addictive.


I've been trying to write about several things including The Batman, Young Justice, Titans, and my top ten character crushes, but I just can't seem to push myself to get it done. Maybe Sunday at some point I can get some writing done.


I recently bought the Castlevania collection for PS4! Nostalgia overload! Super Castlevania 4 still has one of the best intros to any super Nintendo game.

I recently realize I have a problem with getting Ninja Turtle stuff. Like it's almost an obsession at this point. I'm one bad day from saying Fuck it and heading to the sewers to find their lair.


I've also been on a Game of Thrones kick, currently rewatching season one. Holy shit, the dialogue, arcs, and plots were the best in the first season. They somehow developed like seventy characters with limited screen time all in one season! How!? They completely screwed the final few seasons up to hell.


Also, the strategy in some of the episodes are dog shit. Oh and I should write about how The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker were terrible, but I'm trying to avoid that negative way of thinking, but damn people why did you think these stories were a good idea?!

Fight me!

Well that's all I have for now as my eyes slowly close while writing. Talk to you guys later!

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