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Happy Sports Weekend!!

What a wonderful, amazing weekend of sports! How can you not be smiling if you you're a Knicks fan right now? With the trade with Atlanta for Cam Reddish for basically nothing, to the Knicks taking down the Hawks for the third time this year, I'd say that would qualify as a great weekend, but there's more!

The Lakers were destroyed by the Denver Nuggets 133 to 96 and those Laker losses always puts me in a better mood. LeBron James and the Lakers losing is like my own personal happy medicine that brings me ultimate joy that can't be duplicated.

That Lakers destruction would play second fiddle to the only thing that makes me happier, a Dallas Cowboy loss. When Dallas loses, it's like heaven comes to me. Blue birds circle me chirping songs of happiness as I begin to dance out of pure exuberance. I honestly thought the 49ers were going to blow it and destroy my week listening to the Cowboy fans scream that they're going to the Superbowl, but not anymore! I don't have to hear them for months now! Thanks San Francisco for bringing me this feeling of ecstasy, even for a few hours.

Lakers lose by sucking.

Cowboys run a quarterback sneak with like twelve seconds left to destroy any chance at a play for the end zone and a possible playoff win....classic.

Knicks make a good trade, gives up nothing really, and get a big win...awesomeness!

The Florida Panthers are also beating the piss put of everyone, giving them the best record in the NHL after destroying the Columbus Blue Jackets Saturday! 26-7-5....I'm hoping they keep up this momentum up and finally win a Stanley Cup, maybe take the title away from the Lightning, who won it the last two Seasons. I have a feeling this season will be the one the Panthers fans have been patiently waiting for, we're gonna get a title finally!

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