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Halloween Ends.....Finally!

Michael Myers finally has peace in his life after forty years of Laurie Strode torturing him, he finally can rest.

Myers deserved better than Halloween Ends, sure there are some cool kills, and we do get a end to the chaos that started in 1978. The movie plays on 'fear' and pushes the potential of another character following down a dark evil path, much like Michael Myers. The main characters personality shouts "Hey I have a shady ass background and might be a murderer too" and while this relationship movie always casts a shadow on that and pushes us towards that potential conclusion, we wonder where Michael Myers is this whole time, a few years away hiding after the last movie, the second of this final Trilogy called "Halloween Kills".

Without giving much away this movies trailer doesn't show exactly what this movie is really about, sure it's about Michael Myers and Laurie's ending to it all, but it's more about two other characters that carries all the Weight of the story. Corey, a young kid who had an accident is the new towns "Myers", even though he isn't at the time. A terrible accident that changes Corey's life pushes him down a path he probably didn't want to go down, whether or not that's the case after a chance meeting or the actions he takes during the movie is another thing.

It's just not a satisfying movie, they should have ended the series in 2018, that was a perfect storybook ending in which Myers appears once again except Laurie is ready and waiting for her would be killer and kicks the piss out of him, burning him to death and boom, end of story. This movie doesn't have either main character in it for most of the movie, it's more about the newer characters who push the film towards the end where we finally get the battle to end it all.

The acting isn't terrible, it's actually pretty decent, it's just the story, but then again how many of these God damn movies have we gotten? How many times can you tell the story of Michael Myers in a smart fun way? John Carpenters Halloween and Halloween 2 are still my favorite in the series, and the trilogy ends with the 2018 version in my head, so there's that.

Movie gets a 4.5 out of 10, 45 out of 100 Kills from me. It wasn't very good, but it's worth a watch, to atleast say goodbye to the characters that horror and slasher fans love one last time. I'll let you watch it to see who comes out on top in the end, they play it off like you don't know who will win, which is the best part of the ending. Will Myers die? Will Laurie die? Will they die together, leaving the Halloween universe together?!

Anyway, what did you think of Halloween Ends? 🎃 Was it good, bad, just ok? Enjoy it for what it is, a new version slasher and a farewell to Halloween.











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