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Guardians Of the Galaxy V3

James Gunn will be missed by Marvel fans, that feeling is solidified by volume 3 of The Guardians of the Galaxy. A brilliant film that brings a huge amount of character development from every single character. This is a Rocket Raccoon film, yet it shows huge amounts of emotion from every single member of the team that we have grown to love.

Several characters gets a lot more screen time than normal in this last James Gunn Marvel film, namely Mantis, Drax, and Nebula, they are the most developed within the film, showing a huge amount of growth and change as characters. This movie is huge on the family vibe, these characters, despite whatever they are going through are family to the end. They will die for each other if need be, they also fight like brothers and sisters which was awesome to see. I love the family dynamic between them all, it works well, and the chemistry between them all is top notch.

I thought they'd go back to Gamora of old and have her end up with Peter Quill after she returned in End Game, but they went a different path, a harder path that made sense and was perfectly written. She's not the same person, she didn't go through what the other Gamora went through, but she works well within the team. Zoe Saldana did an amazing job as this newfound Gamora.

This film gives us a better version of Drax and I appreciate that, not only emotionally, but he's that brutish powerful Guardians member that we should of gotten more often. I'm going to miss Dave Bautista as Drax as well as the rest of the cast. The entire series was perfectly cast and this could be in the top three of all Marvel films made.

The music....Ah, the music is just perfect as always. The songs all played well with what the story tried to convey to us at the time, again, I appreciate the great soundtrack from this movie. It's something they constantly did well within the trilogy and ended just as it began, just awesome.

It's a beautiful film that gave us solid moments, scenes, battles, music, and an epic conclusion to most of the Guardians team. It was a solid goodbye to our favorite characters and a nod from James Gunn that showed that he not only loved the characters, but a nod to us, saying his farewell, leaving us wanting more and wishing Marvel never let him go.

The movie gets a solid 85 out of 100 from me, as I sit and wish there was more but at the same time wondering if anyone could even top this story told. Will we see the Guardians again? Who will be writing and directing it if we do get a fourth film? I just don't think they can recreate the magic we got from Gunn and this amazing cast. We do get a glimpse of the new team at the end, its a weird mix, and I would actually be interested in seeing on how the new team plays out. So what did you think? Was it a great ending to the Guardians trilogy or could of it been better? Comment below and let me know what you thought of the film.

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