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Toys!! In a world where adults have grown up to make the coolest expensive shit that we need to have for no reason other than just to say we have the coolest god damn toy in the world. This thing has tons of chips inside of it to make it not only to transform, it also interacts with other Transformers made by the same company, you can also control this beast of a toy by an app which gives you options of dialogue and movement. This is "Toy Soldiers" type of shit here, they probably put military grade microchips in this thing and it's gonna wake up one day thinking its really at war with the Decepticons and start destroying your house with real lasers. One can only hope, right?

This toy is available for order, but won't come out until the fall of this year, and you too can buy this Robot awesomeness for just $1500 plus tax....

Look at this guy! He's just awesome looking. Check out the video that I posted above to see what this baby can do, its actually pretty sweet. I'm not even sure of what tech is in this thing, but I want it to fight my cat and talk shit while doing so. But is $1500 dollars really worth it, especially if its just my Cat attack vehicle? I mean if you have the money and some space on the good old shelf for this beautiful machine, get it! By all means live a little and enjoy one of the best Transformers ever made.

You can pre-order this bad boy at Robosen and Hasbro Pulse as of right now, I'm not sure if there is anywhere else you can get this from. All in all this thing looks and acts cool as hell. If you're a Transformers fan its probably a must have for your collection.

Above is what you get within your order including the plug to charge this Alien up, along with his laser cannon, a sword, and the best part of this is the carrying case. I love the case and box that it comes in. Just looking at this beautiful robot makes me want to play War for Cybertron so I can just eradicate some enemies as Grimlock and leave nothing but chaos and destruction in my wake, but that's just me.

So what do you think about Grimlock? Too expensive? Or is having a walking talking transforming robot what you need to bring home despite the hefty price? Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you buy it, send pictures!

#Transformers #Grimlock

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