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Green with Evil Part 3

Part three of this five part series begins now! So whats happening to our heroes and villains in thus universe? Let's get into it.

The Rangers are still dumbfounded on what's happening. Jason is still missing. Alpha can't seem to find the right channel for Zordon and Rita is just doing Rita things.

This episode Is fun and a mess. A fun mess.

Goldar is still beating the piss out of a teenager, but decides that Rita wants him dead, so he starts trying to kill Jason. The red Ranger without his ability to morph stands no chance so he hides under the coincidental fog that this prison has in a sick game of hide and seek, where Jason hides and Goldar seeks by stabbing the floor with his sword trying to impale Jason.

Rita says F it and wants more Villains in this story, so she brings Scorpina, who seems like a bad ass at first. She even fights a depleted Ranger team and kicks their asses, only to, I guess teleport back to base. I don't know, it was a weird edit or set of nonsensical events that happened right after Scorpina attacked.

Kim and Zack are onto Tommy, decides to follow him and Rita doesn't like that they're beginning to figure things out so she interferes and sends puddies. You would think that they'd attack all three characters to set up that Tommy has nothing to do with anything, but no, they attack the Rangers while Tommy watches from about forty yards away.

Rita stops Goldar from murdering a human and wants The Green Ranger to do it, which is cool. Green Ranger vs Jason is what we want. The battle is more competitive now. Rita could of ended this team quick, but her plans are just insane. Just leave Goldar to massacre these teens!

The Green Ranger also beats the pants off Jason, who has become a punching bag at this point. All seems lost as Tommy tries to stab Jason. I don't know why everyone is trying to stab this poor guy. Alpha and company fix the tech that allows them to find their team and teleports him back to base right before being killed much to a surprised, yet appreciative Jason who was like, " I have a story to tell you guys."

Goldar is pissed at Tommy for failure even though it wasn't his fault. There's a power play involved here, being he's Rita's right hand man and Tommy Is Rita's favorite right now, which I get, it's her best idea yet. Goldar basically sticks his middle finger up and says, " Yo, you messed up man. I was fn up that dude until Rita sent your dumb ass in. He would of died facing me. Stay in this prison you Green peppered lookin fuck."

Goldar didn't really say that, but in my head Canon, it may have happened.

So as the Rangers slowly figure out Tommy Is the Green Ranger, Goldar attacks the city as is huge. I feel bad for whoever lives in Angel Grove, seems like a shit place to make your home. Giants aliens destroying the city, annoying human like people in gray costumes making weird ass noises who attack people, giant mechs fighting and destroying everything. These people need to move.

As Goldar kills innocents, again, in my head Canon, the Rangers know that they need to stop him even though they all believe it's a trap. Insert music that instills the fear of the characters that none of their plans will work to end the episode.

Goldar is the star of this episode. I was rooting for him with that whole stabbing thing he had going on, but Jason turned into a ninja and hid in the fog that coward.

The episode was ok, bit of a mess, but had decent value with everything that happened to Jason and showing where Tommy stands with Goldar after his failure. I think Rita would of been more understanding, but Goldar is legit pissed that not only was he winning, not only was he about to take A power Rangers head off, he was stopped after doing all that work so someone can come in and get the glory when he was so close. I'd be pissed too.

3.7 For this baby. Goldar gets a MVP of the episode award and I'm now rooting for the bad guys to win. I wonder if I can place a big bet on fanduel, I'd put a thousand dollars on Goldar to beat the Rangers. I wonder what the odds are....Pretty sure Goldar and Scorpina are exes or something too.

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