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Green with Evil part 2

Episode one of the Green Ranger arc was pretty good as it gave us a bad guy fans deserved, someone who can put the Rangers in their place. So lets take a second to understand what happened in the first episode.

Rita Repulsa saw the potential in Tommy Oliver and used her magic to turn him evil and make him the Green Ranger, a warrior who would live to take down the Rangers. He literally beat the piss out of the Ranger team as he basically walked into their house and slapped the ever living shit out of all of them. Not only did he slap them around he threw them out of their Megazord. With the Rangers taking the big L, Alpha having technical difficulties from the Green Rangers attack, and Zordon being thrown into limbo because of Tommy, it doesn't look good for the Ranger team.

Episode two shows the Rangers are still walking around confused on both Who the green Ranger is and Who attacked their base, causing issues with Zordon, who they can't seem to get back. Jason shows how annoyed and obsessed with the Green Ranger he is and believes he's the one that attacked the command center. Duh. For the leader of the Rangers, he's not the brightest.

Rita on the other hand wants Tommy to act normal and pretend all is well at school and also wants him to show he's worthy of a new weapon called the "Evil sword of Darkness'. He is sent to a beach to fight puddies and somehow they manage to get a few blows on good old Tom, but Tom overcomes those small mistakes and does some kind of Frankensteiner, a Mexican pro wrestling move in order to win his sword. He also talks some trash about wanting to take down the Red Ranger, setting up for their eventual one on one.

Back at school, Kimberly, my crush, tries talking to Tommy and he's a straight up douche. But what's even worse is Kim not paying attention or putting two and two together....KIM! The dude is wearing all green! Are you blind!? He's got a green shirt and green pants! Pay attention!


Jason tells Tommy at school that he can't spar and if they can reschedule for another time, it probably would of been nice to have a cell phone at that time and just sent a text, because as soon as Jason turns Tommy shoots some sort of teleportation beam at Jason sending him to a prison. Goldar is there and won't allow Jason to morph, so its not much of a fight. Goldar slaps Jason around like a ragdoll, its not even fair. He talks trash and gets beat up some more, one is a human teen the other is a warrior alien, who do you think is gonna win?

Kim and Zack ride in a flying fucking car. What the hell is that about?

The Rangers found The Green Ranger and teleport there to attack him. Basically tried to jump Tommy, I don't know who the bad guys are anymore. The Green Ranger again beat the hell out of the four Rangers with ease, slashing about with his new sword and sending each of his opponents flying in despair. The tide turns however when the Rangers somehow call for their zords and combine it into the Megazord, which makes no sense since Jason isn't there. They get in their giant mech of death and fire upon the Green Ranger sending him flying.

The episode ends as it looks like Goldar is about to behead Jason on a kids show.

Rating wise I'd give it a 3.7, mostly because of the Green Ranger fight and Goldar vs Jason. But looking back on the episode, the flying car thing was weird, I guess its not like Harry Potter and if you have powers and magic you can do what ever the hell you want. The Rangers are pretty stupid and they basically typed in a cheat code because they couldn't beat the Green Ranger one on one, so they called in a giant mech with super weapons to do the job for them those cheating bastards. Listen, I'm not saying the Green Ranger isn't a bad guy, I'm just saying, can we really say the Power Rangers aren't just as evil here?

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