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Green With Evil Part 1


Green With Evil Part 1

The Green Ranger Arc

Who doesn't love the Green Ranger?! Tommy Oliver plays the perfect villain in the original Power Rangers series. First he shows how good he is in a small little event in Angel Grove, as the Power Rangers team watches on, they see a great talented martial artist. Kimberly, every young boys crush, even likes Tommy right away. Tommy is chosen by Rita, the enemy of the Rangers to become the newest member of her lackies, to become a Power Ranger himself to finally rid her of Zordon and his Ranger menace that always seems to thwart her plans of world domination.

Tommy is picked and changed to help Rita and her evil way and immediately pays off when the Green Ranger attacks the Power Rangers base, taking down Zordon and his Robot assistant Alpha for awhile at least. The Rangers see what shes done but don't understand how it happened, but just assume its the same old story. That's when Goldar attacks along with puddies, the henchmen of Rita, her main soldier. The Rangers do their thing kicking ass until Goldar, who is huge now, attacks. What we see is a small battle between Goldar and the Megazord, which lasts like a minute because the Green Ranger jumps on top of their giant mech, walks into their cockpit and kicked the piss out of all five of them. God I love the Green Ranger. As they all fall out of their super weapon, Tommy beat the piss out of them some more, used some type of kamehameha blast before they disappeared back to base, because they're cowards, and can't fight one on one. And thats all from the first episode! Jesus Christ!

So after all these episodes of the Rangers beating down their weak ass opponents and destroying monsters left and right with a nuclear powered sword, finally they have a decent enemy.

This episode was awesome and I still remember when this arc first came out, it was just amazing to see the Power Rangers get beat, you know, a worthy foe beat them down and it gave us a cliff hanger to hold onto until the next episode came out.

Tommy Oliver was the MVP, you could see it in the episode, and it makes sense that he would last this long as the character that he put his heart and soul into, no wonder the fans love him still. This episode is definitely a 4.1 out of 5. Yes, its corny and campy as hell, but you can't beat classics like this, especially this Green Ranger arc. I did always wonder though, if Rita knew the Power Rangers names and where they lived, why didn't she ever attack them at home? Why wait until they were ready for her? Eh. Rita wasn't the brightest enemies, but this was probably one of her best plans throughout the series that involved her character in.

Watch the episode above and let me know what you think. Or, comment below if you have seen it and you're a Green Ranger fan! GO GO Power Rangers! I just want to see Tommy beat more Ranger ass!

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