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Great sports weekend

What a great sports weekend! I came into work whistling, strutting, and straight out dancing. Puzzling is the fact that my team lost this week.

Well my New York Knicks lost two games, yes, sadly we are 1-2 to start the season, but both losses we showed promise. In both losses we were in it until the final buzzer and only lost by a single basket in both games. I call that progress. I see a lot of potential in this team and its gonna be fun watching these young guys mature over the season.

Reason two why I'm Woooooing like Ric Flair. The LA Lakers are 0-2! I love it. I know they will eventually break in the win column and probably make the playoffs, but what most experts predict, that the Lakers will be the number three team in the west might not happen. They play no defense. Sure they score a lot, but if you cant stop anyone I dont see how they are gonna compete with the Warriors, let alone half the other western conference teams. Doom on you La!

The Cowboys and Eagles go down in great fashion! I live for these moments. Yes, I am bitter. My Giants wont be anything this season, but I dont go out to hate on these teams. Well, maybe I do. I just think it's amazing that the Redskins are in first place, I'm actually smiling right now. I have no hate for Washington. None. They dont have dick fans. But Philly? Dallas? Yes. I enjoy these moments. It's like the Giants winning a superbowl, that's how I feel. Now I already called it, the NFC east is always a battle and first place changes every year. I think the Redskins stay in first, but just barely, and good for them.

So to the Lakers, Cowboys, and Eagles, thank you for a great weekend.

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