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Goodbye Toney, thanks I guess

Kadarius Toney was traded yesterday to the Kansas City Chiefs in a stunning but not out of nowhere type of move to get us two more draft picks next year.

The Giants get a 3rd round pick and a 6th rounder while Patrick Mahomes gets a new weapon on offense that could potentially be a pro bowl Wide Reciever if he can stay on the field.

Do I like the move? Yes and no, Toney has huge upside, but he couldn't stay healthy. Well, the rumor is that he was healthy he was just not in the game because they didn't want him to get injured before trading him. Maybe it's a rumor I started, I'm not sure, but It makes sense of why he wasn't playing. Maybe he was a pain to coach or just a nightmare to deal with in the locker which is a bit deal, but no stories of that fact have come out. Toney's Twitter posts have kinda hinted that he wasn't hurt and he's ready to go, which is good for the Chiefs. Personally the way he's acting now I hope Derwin James knocks the shit out of him, but deep down I wish him success, as long as it doesn't come against the Giants or Raiders.

So what's your take? Was this the right move considering the potential or Toney? All of this depends on the health of Toney, who has crazy amounts of talent.

Will the Giants with no real space in the cap try to trade for a number one receiver? Or will they roll with Robinson, Slayton, Sills, and Johnson? I know the rumors of trading for Jerry Juedy are swirling around now, but I'm not sure they make any moves until next season, although having a legit WR now will show if Daniel Jones can be even better, so maybe it's best they do attempt trading for a good Wideout.

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