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Goodbye Flowers

By this time tomorrow Ereck Flowers will either be traded by the New York Giants or released into the wilderness of free agency.

I dont think any team will give up anything for him, not even a used hotdog. The one person I worry about though is Master Yoda of the NFL, Bill Belichick.

I worry that if the Patriots get him the master of the NFL will turn him into a some kind of monster like Abomination like in Incredible Hulk, with Flowers tossing defensive linemen fifty yards away and breaking peoples will to play.

But that is far fetched. As far fetched as the Cowboys winning a title this year. As far fetched as me winning the lottery. But it's something that would happen after the Giants get rid of him.

In the end, thanks for not getting Eli murdered, thanks for trying, and good luck doing whatever you do next, because it probably won't be playing line in the NFL.

#NYG #NFL #TradeHim #Pats #MasterYoda

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