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Golden Giants

The Giants continue to splash into free agency like a dying bird looking a small piece of bread to survive.

Another move was made today, bringing in linebacker Markus Golden, a 28 year old former Missouri standout, who stands 6 feet tall and likes taking Quarterbacks on long falls to the ground. Well, that's the plan anyway.

Markus Golden, first off, is a cool fucking name, I'll admit it, I'm a little jealous. That right there is probably why Gettlemen hired this guy, case closed.

We need linebackers and hes coming off two off years, one year basically sitting home the entire season from a torn ACL injury (I feel your pain) and the next trying to get through that injury and back to what he did well, which was rush the quarterback. I'm fine with it, If it doesn't work out, it's only a one year deal.

The Giants are hoping they catch magic in a bottle with Golden, since his best years with Arizona was when the Giants defensive coordinator James Bettcher was there, where he recorded 80 tackles and 16 sacks in those two years, which seems to be a decade ago in football years.

It's a decent move by the Giants adding more to this unit that desperately needs depth. I hope it works out naturally and if it goes well, pay the man for the next few years. I also hope we draft Montez Sweat, if we do that and have Golden on the opposite side it could be a fun time for us Giant fans. But the key word is 'If', 'if' Golden plays well, 'if' Gettlemen knows what hes doing. Lots of ifs.

The New York Giants seem to be in a weird position right now, like new born parents, not really knowing what the hell tomorrow will bring.

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