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Godzilla vs Kong 2

The best monster tag team in the world will come together once again, united, to take down another threat to our existence. Yes, Godzilla and Kong return to fight alongside the humans to defeat yet another monster that has been laying dormant.

I feel these movies are getting a bit out of hand, yet the battles are just too much fun to pass up on. Just take the human element away a little more and give us our God damn monster fights! I'm not sure how many more movies will come out in this universe, especially with the list of baddies getting knocked off quickly, leaving an empty void of potential threats. Maybe the writers will create one? We still can have Mecha Ghidorah, that will most definitely be a problem down the road, but who will be the monster destroying Earth now? How much of the Earth is left? I mean those monsters fucked up every place they went, I'm assuming millions died in Godzilla King of the Monsters.

Isn't Godzilla the king of the monsters? Does that mean Kong is like the hand of the king? Or is this like a two king scenario here, where two kingdoms come together for the greater good of the world? Does Kong have Zillas phone number? Is Zilla Kongs contact name for Godzilla? I have many questions that need answering.

So who's next?!

Gigan? Hedorah? Destoroyah? Mecha Ghidorah? Megalon? There's a host of adversaries to face Godzilla, but is anyone worthy of the attention of both Kong and Zilla? Maybe an other worldly threat? Maybe they bring about more hints of where King Ghidorah came from? Maybe we'll get Rodan to help out in the next movie! That would be sweet.

The one main thing they've said is we will get more of the history of the Titans and more detail on Skull island, maybe even Hollow Earth, where I'm sure there is a ton of undiscovered monsters waiting to cause havoc.

Either way I'll sit and wait patiently to watch giant monsters fight and cause trillions in destruction.

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