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Godzilla vs King Kong

The battle of the two biggest, baddest, sons of bitches in the monster universe go at it in epic fashion in a way that we havent really seen before. We actually get to see the two behemoths fight, it was clear and it was beautiful.

So how good was it? I gave it a 4.5 out of 5 Atomic Breaths! Why? Was it that good? Well, it wasnt perfect, but that's not the point. I can definitely see people hating this movie, but I can see the majority liking to loving it, because it gives you what you want, it gives us the monster fights in a beautiful way throughout the movie.

The humans are a problem like in the other films in this universe, but they need them to get the monsters together and push the story along, and although most of the human characters are annoying, they did a good job with pacing and you hardly stay with the humans. It seemed like any time we were with a human character, a minute later we see Godzilla or Kong. It also doesn't feel like a two hour movie, It felt like it moved along quickly which isnt a bad thing.

The film is definitely a Sci fi Monster flick, some of the shit you see is kinda far fetched since Godzilla fought the Mutos in 2014, cause I questioned how they got that technically advanced in a short amount of time. I also didnt understand how a giant mega ultra advanced base had the worst security known to man.

It felt like they had multiple scripts and tried to take the best of each one and threw it in here. They had a journey to the center of the Earth type vibe going for King Kong, who seemed to be on a side quest much like Thor, to retrieve Stormbreaker in order to face Thanos, I mean Godzilla.

It all comes down to one question, "What did I want from this film?"

I wanted crazy monster fights and less humans. I got half of what I wanted, but it surpasses the human aspect because the fight scenes were crazy fun and entertaining.

I'll give the little girl doing sign language a pass, she was cute, and I liked her and Kong connection.

Dont get me started on Mechagodzilla, he was awesome, and I didnt expect him to beat the piss out of Godzilla, although he just fought Kong, so it would make sense that he isnt 100%. Kong verses Godzilla in Hong Kong was sick. I'm guessing close to 80,000 people or more died in that fight, but whose counting, I'm certainly not. Those people sacrificed themselves for our entertainment, they will be missed, but sacrifices had to be made.

All in all it was an enjoyable film that I'm most likely going to watch multiple times.

4.5 Rating for this monstertastic film

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